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SVGO was introduced a little while ago. We now have a first-hand experience, and reference; seems to be a real winner!

We also have first-hand confirmation of another fantastic optimization topic from not too long ago, the Filament Group’s grunt-criticalcss, this time from none-other-than , who shares his process, and his success, when he switched one of his sites to use CriticalCSS.

From the great , comes a great truism regarding sites that only render content if JS is running in the browser:

js;dr: Because in 10 years nothing you built today that depends on JS for the content will be available, visible, or archived anywhere on the web.

provides a really simple example of method chaining in JS design patterns.

In the previous issue of Today’s Readings I mentioned favico.js as a way to update the tabs in a user’s browser. Now offers another reason and method for updating a user’s tabs based on the tab’s visibility status.

Speaking of Dudley, he reached a fantastic milestone earlier this week: Article number 1000! Seriously impressive. A big congrats to him, and to us, who get to enjoy all that writing!

Um, this is slick: A CSS-only tooltip toggle, using a checkbox element and a pseudo class… Really slick.

Want a fun, web developer learning experience? created a three-part app to help web developers sharpen their frontend skills“… Dig in!

I had not heard of the the BroadcastChannel API before. I have now. And I am intrigued…

The Push API also intrigues me…

As long as we’re covering APIs that we can’t actually use yet, but are going to rock the web one day soon, how about the Fetch API?

Okay, when I read the article title Building the Earth with WebGL and JavaScript, I expected to be impressed. When I saw the actual demo, I was blown away…

I remember well the first time I heard the word “physics” connected with the word “JavaScript”; I was impressed and intrigued. I now read about a hands-free scroller using nothing but JavaScript and your computers microphone and speakers to take advantage of the doppler effect!

PPK offers a new test for the latest HTML5 input elements. It’s kind of backwards, but works really well!

State of the Union: Mobile Web Performance presentation. Interesting stats…

Speaking of performance, another nice slidedeck on how to, when to, and who should implement performance improvements. The one obstacle that I regularly face and no one answered was “time”… The old, tried-and-true methods just keep going when there is no time available to try to implement change…

Want to keep track of who is linking to whom with regards to your site? Make sure your site uses the <meta name="referrer" content="always"> tag

Fantastic .htaccess cheatsheet, a la Gist

Want an “Add App to Home Screen” banner for your website? Easy, just let Chrome handle that for you

And finally, just one little tidbit from the “what’s wrong with the American political system” pile, is that Senators serving on committees do not have to have any knowledge in, or experience with, the subject matter of the committee. Such as Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), serving on the Internet Policy Subcommittee, while having never sent an email in his life… But don’t worry, America, I’m sure he’ll make all the right decisions for, you know, whatever that technology is… :-/

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