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Enhancing Responsiveness with Flexbox. It really is amazing how dynamic flexbox is…

Like a dynamic graphic novel layout?

And while we’re on ‘s site, show of hands, web devs: whose fave browser dev tool is Safari? Come on, anyone? Someone?? Well, Dudley says it can be a good idea, so let’s hear him out…

I have to admit, I still have absolutely no idea how hsl colors work… I mean, I kind of get it, but I have never used it, and likely never will. But I know people that swear by it. So, for anyone interested, here is a slick hsl background gradient generator. Have fun.

Ever copied some content from some site, only to find some “extra shit” tagged onto the end of it when you paste it somewhere? I see it all the time! Ever wonder how that happens? I have, but not enough to ever try to find out… Thankfully, someone else did that for me!
(Wait, there’s a copy event?)

Still supporting IE8? Um, it’s time to break-up

Speaking of silly, I’m always amazed at what people will do with their free time! >a href=””>Google Feud, a mash-up of the popular TV game show Family Feud and the odd-ball autocompletes that Google Search occasionally creates… Survey, says?! :-)

Well, I guess if you can’t actually improve performance, you can at least make users think you did

Accessible Drag and Drop with Multiple Items. Sounds like a nightmare to implement, thank goodness Brothercake did it for us…

And finally, need a new computer? Then maybe you should consult the biggest name in little computers: Radio Shack. If today was 1983, that is…

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