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I was intrigued to see this article about Mutation Observers, and then a tad inspired to see the support they now have, because the last time I looked I thought the support was pretty crappy and everyone had decided to not support them… Truly powerful stuff, though, exciting!

Typically great article from on keeping on top of your site’s performance. This is not about “getting it all set-up and being done”; things change, even if your site doesn’t. Rather than offering specific performance optimization tips, Chris talks about setting a program to stay performant.

Following-up on that thought, with the same thought: Performance Optimization is a Process Not an Event.

Suddenly flexbox is all up in the news’ business again, I love it! :-) Here is yet another collection of real-life-like examples of functioning flexbox layouts you can use today. No joke.

A simple and easy to customize contact form.

Why, yes it is.

Wow, checkout this new animation timeline that is coming to a Chrome DevTools near you soon! That will be so helpful!

And once you can visualize and experiment so easily, you’ll surely want to dive into all of these CSS animation examples!

Then, from the next level of web animation, comes these WebGL examples… Man, this stuff blows my mind, I wish I had the imagination to come up with ideas such as these…

Servers, Domain Names and Hosting, oh my! walks us through everything we need to know about servers, domain names and hosting, “starting with general recommendations and working up to creating your own server for site testing and development, with more complex entries added over time.” Where oh where does this man get the time???

Great article on the state of today’s JS developers. How would you do if you were asked these interview questions asked?

  • Can you show me an example of prototypal inheritance?
  • Can you show me two example use-cases of closures?

Kudos to for the link!

And just in case that article inspires/scares you, here are several great JS resources to help improve your standings
[switches back to tab and starts scrolling…]

Looking very forward to ‘s new series, Responsive Images 101! Enjoy Part 1: Definitions.

And finally, could the days of torturing animals for our betterment be finally nearing an end? There is hope…

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2 Responses to Today’s Readings

  1. Stephen says:

    I wish Eric Elliot would actually provide answers to his two questions in his post rather than only pitching his online course. It just turns his post into an advertisement for his educational videos.

    • aarontgrogg says:

      Hey, Stephen, yeah, I received a few similar comments, but I think the questions, as they are, are appropriate to the article, which is talking about the state of web developers in today’s market: if you know the answer, you probably agree with him; if you don’t, then you probably should attend one of his courses… :-) Or, like me, be inspired to dig deeper and make myself a better developer. I went hunting for resources to buff-up on these bits, and landed myself on Addy Osmani’s Essential JS Design Patterns Book. From there, I will hunt for something else in a similar, advanced direction…

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