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Happy birthday, .com!! Thanks for helping to make the web what it is today!

After reading ‘s article about the state of today’s JS developers, I was inspired to do a little buffing-up of my own JS skills. So I sought out ‘s Learning JavaScript Design Patterns book to help get me started. Any other high-level book/site/tutorial recommendations out there?

And speaking of, learn how to write your own great developer article and/or tutorial. Good tips in there, wish I wrote more articles like that…

Compatibility tables are a huge help to developers, to find out whether a certain feature can be used “in the wild”, or whether it is still just too experimental. has created a Compatibility Tables Compendium, listing a slew of tables to help us all get it right, everywhere…

Being in the web analytics business now, this is a great helper: An analytics primer for developers. And I think this will become more and more a part of our job, as business wants to know what is happening where, when, and how, to try to determine why…

A Few Different Ways To Use SVG Sprites In Animation. Very cool options and techniques, especially the last, layered approach, really reminds me of the old-school cel animations

There is something to the “pull” versus the “push”, whether it is receiving a phone call, a text message, or a Facebook message, when you can reach out to the user, the user responds. So much so, that some people think the future of the web is push notifications

And if that’s the case, you should learn how to construct push notifications that make your users take action¡

And since that’s the future, and now we all know how to do it correctly, I guess it’s a good thing that browsers are starting to support it

Sliders… carousels… galleries… Whatever you wanna call it, marketing loves them, developers hate them, and recent research says that users don’t use them. But why should that stop us from creating them??? So, if you do have to create one, Swiper might be just the tool for you. Boasting some great features, they admit they are not for everyone, but it certainly looks and feels good when using.

HTML5 Application Cache. Boy, that came out like gang-busters, then disappointed miserably, right? Well, if you’re brave enough to give it a shot, here is a nice article about avoiding AppCache pitfalls.

10 performance blogs to follow. I have a few new RSS feeds, hopefully you can find some too…

Normally I don’t like linking to slides because, often, without the author speaking over them, they’re rather hard to follow. However, since I couldn’t find a video of ‘s Making a Silky Smooth Web presentation from Smashing Conference 2015, I guess these slides will have to suffice

Having said all that, who’s up for another slidedeck?? Image Formats: The Nerdy Parts, from , actually does stand-up quite well on it’s own, I think, delivering a ton of nerdy details about (most of) the various image formats (where’s WEBP?).

And finally, the United States Congress… [Sigh…] Has a more douchebaggier collection of humans ever been collected inside of a single (albeit two-chambered) building? If only they had some clue what the frack they were talking (and creating legislation) about, it wouldn’t be nearly so bad. After receiving feedback from nearly 4 million people, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is still having to explain his decision to support Net Neutrality, and explain that it was not because the President ordered him to do so…

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