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OMG! OMG!! OMG!!! Neil deGrasse Tyson’s late night TV show will premiere on 4/20. Cannot wait! Oh, and um, premiering on 420??? {-)

If you or someone you know wants to get started with, or freshen-up on some aspect of, web development, The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Web/Front-End Developer is a rather great collection of resources for exactly that purpose!

While HTML5 Boilerplate has gone back and forth on what the best value for the <meta name="viewport" ...> tag, it seems that now they, and others, agree that width=device-width, initial-scale=1 is probably the best option.

The CSS Tricks article above also mentions the IE 10 Snap Mode, which I was not familiar with. So, let’s all make sure we add this into our CSS, eh?

If you are a Chrome user, then you know you can never know enough about the bits, tips, and shortcuts of Chrome… Here are a few more Chrome tips & tricks for you…

And speaking of, Chrome 41 is implementing a few new techniques to process JS downloads faster, meaning your sites will load and can start using your JS faster. Nice!

Already touted by several sites around the web is the Species in Pieces website. Amazing implementation of CSS; annoying implementation of a welcome splash screen… Didn’t we all agree that they would die with Flash???

Transparent Windows Could Capture Solar Power. Um, yes, please!

Wow, Anicollection is an awesome collection of animation samples, and you can contribute too, via Github!

Are your sites accessible? Do you even know all the various way a site to be inaccessible? I’ll bet there are a few accessibility issues in the SitePoint article that you hadn’t thought of or planned for

Textures.js makes adding texture to SVGs pretty gosh-darned simple…

If you use WordPress and have done even the slightest bit of customization, you have likely used Advanced Custom Fields. While extremely powerful, it is also equally clunky, in my opinion. And while this TutsPlus article doesn’t make the process any less clunky, it will at least help to explain the clunk, and hopefully that will ease the process for you…

An interesting infographic on How Website Design Affects Conversions, Sales And Profit. Though, some of those stats seem to contradict one another, so, take it with a grain of salt…

Introducing Flexbox Fridays. Like!

And finally, The Verge says they were skeptical about Mr. Robot, “a new thriller series from USA about a cyber-security engineer named Elliot (Rami Malek) who spends his nights hacking into people‚Äôs personal accounts to expose their hidden crimes.” But apparently after watching the preview, they ended up being “impressed”. But to me, “Christian Slater” === “still skeptical”… :-/

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