Today’s Readings

From a co-worker, trying to decide which MV* framework to start learning? Well Todo MVC is an example of a project done in pretty much all of them… Impressive!

And speaking of learning new things, here is a well-thought-out letter from a seasoned developer to anyone newly entering the industry. And I personally think it is a worthwhile read for any developer…

Similarly, here is a list of technologies any developer should know today. Somewhat generic, but that’s probably a good thing, since there are lots of possible options for each topic in that list…

As for that JS section, here is a nice new Tuts+ tutorial Functional Programming in JavaScript. Only the first couple videos are free, but $15 also seems pretty low for the info you get.

I also just stumbled across Learn JS Data, which is an advanced tutorial on dealing with data in JS, including using d3.js and lodash.

At a slightly higher level, is The Joel Test For Programmers (The Simple Programmer Test). Not so simple, but would certainly be effective!

Interdimensional, Spatial scrolling for modern devices with a gyroscope

A fantastically well-written, plain-speak explanation of RWD, including a brief history, very short description, and very thorough cost-benefit analysis that anyone from the business-end of things should understand.

An interesting twist on the current development trend, Boy is a branch of HTML5 Boilerplate that uses “conditionally loaded polyfills and a nice general reset for amazing CSS3 support back to IE6.” I guess that’s still needed by some people, right?

brings a nice introduction to animating SVGs using Snap·svg. Pretty impressive demos, and seriously impressive tech.

If you are into modern art and are familiar with , here are a few of his paintings re-done via CSS.

offers up Combining CSS clip-path and Shapes for New Layout Possibilities. Wow, the advancements into print layouts just keep coming…

I’m not a big server or server configuration guy, but these seem pretty interesting for anyone that is:

  • tells us all about Test-driving web server configuration, and
  • once you have your servers all set-up and configured, you can try-out httpdiff, which lets you “[p]erform the same request against two HTTP servers and diff the results”… Pretty powerful stuff!

This article from really hit home because it is something I battled with last week at work: Fluid Width Video, which explains how best to deal with making video and the oft-necessary iframe work within a responsive world… Two weeks earlier would have been great, Chris… ;-)

Speaking of responsive, offers his thoughts on The Past, Present, and Future of Responsive Images.

And finally, hopping back to for a moment, he is easily one of my fave people working on, and talking about, the web. So it is fun to get to know him a little better in Envato’s latest “Made By:” episode

Happy reading,

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