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In huge news on the web dev front, Google will implement Pointer Events!! Huge!

And so the totally-expected, all-too-obvious, completely-obnoxious, and utterly-toxic Net Neutrality court battles begin… If only businesses would put all of this time & energy into making good products that people want, and then built quality websites to deliver information about these wonderful products, all of this bullshit would be completely unnecessary…

Another big-name has completed the migration from the repetitive and fragmented code bases to a single and responsive website:

After almost 4 years, 5000 pull requests from 50 contributors, we’ve migrated the BBC News site to a totally new stack. We now have a single code base for all devices, in 30 different languages…

4 years” you stutter? I sure did! But read the article and prepare to be impressed by the absolute devotion, dedication, and determination their team had in order to persevere and bring one of the world’s largest news sites into a completely new world order. Now, if they can do it, what are you waiting for???

And to help you out, I’m going to beat you over the head with several links about Flexbox from the most recent Smashing Newsletter:

So I ask again, what are you waiting for???

Whether you are a traveler or not, you should love The Travel Episodes. From a traveler’s point of view, the site is filled with incredibly poignant writing and video that intertwine to describe travels from around the world. From a technology point of view (more befitting this article), enjoy the mixture of text, auto-playing and -stopping video as you scroll, responsive design and layout interactions, custom fonts, and just clean, beautiful design. (Please ignore the duplicate requests made for jQuery and jQuery Migrate, they have been advised, and will surely fix that soon… ;-)

There is a pretty slick new Kickstarter campaign that allows you to daisy-chain all of your USB Type-C cables into a single port. Which will come in really handy once the new, single-USB Type-C Macbooks start filling people’s living rooms and offices…

There is no doubt that animation in a website can completely capture a user’s attention, drawing them in and almost forcing them to engage with your content. Or it can be so obnoxious that it annoys people and almost forces them to injure themselves trying to close the browser window (hello, `90s animated GIFs). So learn some of the basics in animation, including some terminology and psychology associated with movement, to help keep your sites on the right side of that equation.

If you, or someone you know, is trying to get started in the web development world, it can be staggering trying to figure out where to start. A new article from I’m Programmer, Top skills for front-end web developer, aims to help focus things for you. I don’t know if I agree with all of the selections and omissions (instead of Angular, MySQL and CoffeScript, I might have gone with Node, Git and Grunt/Gulp), but that’s the way this kind of thing goes; hopefully someone finds the inspiration and resources they need.

And here are several tutorial links for you, in case the above doesn’t cover everything you need… :-)

And finally, so you use cookies, do you???
Repetitive cookies opt-out message.

Wow, this was a wordy issue… :-)

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