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Well, I sure wish had published his article about Chrome DevTools’ Workspaces before I ran into the hassle that spurred my article from yesterday… But check out his article anyway. :-)

Then go check-out ‘s DevTools State of the Union video from the jQuery UK 2015 conference. Some really cool stuff coming to DevTools, especially the new Timeline, 3D visualization, and animation tracking features! His slides are also available.

Defensive JavaScript is all about properly planning your code to avoid possible bugs and breakages down the road.
(“Defensive JavaScript?” But I’m only familiar with Offensive JavaScript… (Had to do it, sorry… ;-) ))

is.js: Check types, regexps, presence, time and more…

Seriously well-planned and thought-out checks!

I was familiar with window.scrollTo() and window.scrollTop(), but I have to admit that I was not familiar with window.scrollLeft(), window.scrollBy(), window.scrollByLines(), window.scrollByPages() or window.scrollIntoView()… Wow. Where the hell have I been??

git-ftp is a “Git powered FTP client written as shell script”… I don’t see why not!

When first came out with Reset CSS, we all rejoiced and jumped on board. Then came ‘s Normalize.css, which was, and still is, awesome! So, will we all be soon hopping onto the Sanitize.css band-wagon?

Thorough article on the history, current status, possible future, and polyfills-until-then for click/touch/pointer/input events.

Some seriously cool login form upgrades. No, seriously, “cool login”…

made 100 SpaceX photos available on Flickr via a Creative Common license! Then swapped that license to Public Domain because someone on Twitter asked him to… Nice job, Twitterverse!!

I have been aware of the existence of Nginx since HTML5 Boilerplate first came out, I guess, and I saw the references to it in their .htaccess file. Then I started using it in order to run a work project on my localhost. But I really knew nothing more about it. Until I read this Nginx Guide: Introduction article, that is…

Interesting article on mobile UX design, from a designer, discussing topics like task-flow diagrams, storyboarding, system design and prototyping. (Just pay no attention to the UX of the UX Matters website itself… Sheesh.) Very enlightening article, and I would welcome any gig that took the time to think ahead like that…

And finally, two comics to lighten your hump-day:

  1. Everyday types of coders
  2. The World Seen by an Object-Oriented Programmer

Happy reading,

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