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You can now play Pac-Man on Google Maps. And, no, this is not an April Fool’s prank… :-)

Seriously powerful performance audit of some pretty big name sites, from none other than .

Amazon Cloud Drive can now store unlimited files for $60 a year. Wow…

JSS is a very thin layer which compiles JSON structures to CSS.” Hmm, for on-the-fly CSS insertion into a page, it seems pretty slick, and the API could be pretty handy, but otherwise I’m not sure if it is really any easier than using Sass or Less, is it?

littlebox is an amazing collection of CSS-only icons. Very cool!

ARIA Bones is a series of templates which aim to show how ARIA can be used to make HTML more accessible.” Would be interesting to see how much of this is baked into something like HTML5 Boilerplate, but I guess the real power of ARIA is not so much in its static attributes, but its dynamic ones, so the user understands updates to the page… Gonna have to dig in a bit…

Ever copy-and-paste from MS Word into an HTML doc? Who hasn’t right? And who hasn’t immediately cursed at the crap that gets shoved into your mark-up?? Well, HTML Cleaner is an online tool to remove all that crap for you… Thank you.

How do your JS skills stack-up in 2015? Find out

And just in case you want to put them to the test, here are 20+ Puzzle Websites to Sharpen Your Coding Skills to find out…

I’ve yet to get too crazily into Node.js, but for anyone that has, are you avoiding these 10 common Node.js mistakes?

Playing With Flexbox and Quantity Queries, by . Read.

Speaking of flexbox, writes about her experience converting her site to use flexbox, including the necessary fallbacks. Granted, it’s a rather simple example, but it’s a smart way to get started.

Tuts+ has published the next installment in their Nginx series: The Essentials. You know, if you’re into that. :-)

Dousing flames with sound waves, new fire extinguisher makes no mess. Brilliant. F-ing brilliant.

A nice demo of CSS columns. But, wait, is this Can I Use table inverted? The only browsers that properly support it are IE and Opera Mini??

And finally, a pretty cool no-JS animation (be sure to expand the bottom panel to see all of the dude), all based on a few HTML elements, one image sprite, and a fair bit of CSS

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