Today’s Readings

Pretty fun article on the history, and probable future, of JavaScript.

Take a moment to get to better know The SVG Canvas, Coordinate System, And Viewport.

Sticking with SVG for a second, offers a very cool presentation about improving interfaces with SVG. Awesome!

And sticking with Sara for a second, here is her everything-there-is-to-know article about CSS‘s background-position.

And once you know all that, you can do über-cool stuff like this fixed-background scrolling effect!

And moving on from the pretty-practical, to the pretty-ridiculous, Dom-Animator.js animates… the ASCII art..· in your HTML comments… Don’t get me wrong, it’s super cool, but… :-)

One of the greatest things about WordPress is how customizable it is. You can add custom code just about anywhere you want, and WordPress has gone out of its way to make hooks for custom functionality for just about any action, and you can add that custom code just about anywhere too. But this recent article on CSS Tricks explains why it makes sense to add your site’s custom functionality via a “functionality plugin”.

When I was in college I took a course that took a field-trip to a power plant that converted all of the county’s would-be-landfill waste into electricity. To this day I still remember being dumb-founded that this wasn’t how every county disposed of their waste. Copenhagen is making some press about doing it too, but seriously, why isn’t this everywhere???

writes about adding Modernizr on the server-side. Hmm, sounds familiar… ;-) There are obviously differences, and I have no doubt that I can pick-up a few tricks from Chris’ repo.

And once you know exactly what assets each user needs, you can make sure you only serve the right CSS, and reduce the amount that gets served as render-blocking!

And with that in place, you can learn how to add CDNs, compression, and minification to your WordPress sites!

Ever write some totally minimal, perfectly semantic HTML, then add just the right CSS, only to find some random whitespace making your page look all half-assed? I know you have, cause we all have… Well is here to point-out, and explain how to get rid of, several common reasons for this annoying occurrence.

Wow, I had no idea all these HTML Entities existed! Pretty cool, who needs icon fonts??

And finally, the history of the blink tag, written by the guy that invented it. Wow. Takes some real courage to admit that. :-)

Happy reading,

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