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The FCC officially published its new net neutrality rules to the Federal Register yesterday… Opponents wasted no time. CTIA, the trade association that has represented the wireless industry since 1984, filed a lawsuit with the DC Circuit Court of Appeals today.


YAAOT, this time talking about how JSCS can help format and lint your JS code, even using your own Style Guide as a guideline!

I like the idea of responsive logos, morphing and reacting to screen size, I think it’s smart and makes sense. Just be sure you have design’s & marketing’s buy-in before delving into this…

And speaking of responsive images, I hadn’t been to the RICG‘s site in some time, wow there’s a ton of info there now, I can’t believe how fast this tech has exploded!

So, how is your JS Module Pattern strength? Solid? If not, have a refresher, it does a code base good. :-)
(Includes discussion about CommonJS, AMD and ES6, so get your coffee first…)

And if you’re still with me, why not keep driving and veer straight into the Singleton Pattern?

Pure CSS gradients don’t animate, we all know that. So, a simple trick to make it look like they do, which is all anyone really cares about, right??

Style Guides. Yeah, it’s great to develop with one, but they’re such a pain to maintain… But what if your style guide could maintain itself?

writes about Accessibility and Low-Powered Devices and mentions that “[t]here is a difference between ‘support’ and ‘optimization'”, meaning what the device/browser thinks it can do, and what it really should do…

As I read this next article, I kept waiting for the sarcasm to end, but author appears to be honestly saying that we should drop a lot of ARIA role, state and property attributes. Now the conundrum: Do you keep them so you appear to know your ARIA, or do you remove them, since not adding is really knowing your ARIA…??? :-/

Always odd to see a situation where Chrome is playing catch-up to Firefox & IE, but it does happen…

I love the comic / superhero genre, and love the explosion the genre is making into movies and TV. The latest, Marvel’s Daredevil, was never a big fave of mine, but the new show on Netflix is quite good, if not a bit too graphic. But today, it is the tech, and visually-challenged viewers, that win the day!

Loads of great, positive accessibility news this issue, love it! :-)

Make your hyperlink underlines less obnoxious with text-decoration these tweaks. text-decoration-skip sure looks awesome, can’t wait for that to be usable!

If there are two things every dev needs, it is coffee and juice (as in power). Now one can provide the other

A subject near and dear to my heart, and liver

In related news, remember, you are what you eat

And finally, “Germany is proving renewable energy naysayers wrong.” Yes they are! And, having lived here for the past three-pluß years, I can tell you it is not because it is so much sunnier over here than it is in the US! It is because they have committed to clean energy, and then went about making! Simple as that. Most houses, even in small villages, have solar panels all over their roofs, fields along the Autobahn have solar panel farms, wind turbines can be seen in nearly every vista, and they are scheduled to be completely nuclear-free in just a few more years. US, you are still my nation, but just because it is different, doesn’t make it bad. Let the dead dinosaurs and plants RIP, and march proudly into the clean, breathable, future. Shit, even China is moving in the right direction!

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