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I know Sublime Text and Atom are all the rage right now as far as IDEs go, but this article about Microsoft’s latest Visual Studio Code peaked my interest. Downloaded, now let’s see how it works…

While Google Translate doesn’t get everything right every time, it does a pretty great job, I think! So now you can use Google Translate’s API to localize your website (and no, this is not the Google-Translate-URL-with-your-URL-appended trick…)

From comes tips for aligning icons and text. It seems like it should be so easy, but at times it definitely isn’t…

And here is a clever trick to get WordPress to ignore words like “a”, “an” and “the” when sorting search results (to make something like The Avengers appear with the “A”s and not with the “T”s…).

JS Pointer Events have landed in Firefox nightly! One step closer…

Seems WebKit has it’s own version of a peek-a-boo-type bug; offers several fixes.

LiveDive lets you audio or video call with your users while watching them use your web app live — right through the browser, with no apps or browser plug‑ins required.


dragula: Drag and drop so simple it hurts

Indeed, even on my iPhone! (Though the page elements did dance around a bit when a drag was initiated.)

I’ve seen this before and love the concept: autocorrect user email address domain typos (e.g. “…” => “…”)

xto6 will “[t]ranspile ES5 code into ES6 live”. Seems to me like we need one that does the opposite, so we could code in ES6, but still have it work in browsers that don’t understand it… No?

And finally, stepping beyond the doldrums of the web development world for a moment, possibly way beyond, NASA is working on an engine “that doesn’t require rocket fuel and could make a trip to Mars in just 10 weeks”:

The theory is that this drive can create force by bouncing electromagnetic waves around inside of a chamber, with some of their energy being transferred to a reflector to generate thrust.

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