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Well, the big news is that Microsoft’s Project Spartan is no more, and we now have the actual name for Internet Explorer’s replacement: Microsoft Edge. The name was announced at Build 2015 and MSDN soon blogged about it, even offering us a snappy little video!

The above blog links to a new page “Welcoming Developers to Windows 10“, which sadly links to a 404 page, but I assume someone will fix that soon. There appears to be a lot of great new features, like Cortana integration, a scribble feature, and, sneakily, the ability to support Chrome and Firefox extensions/add-ons! But with all this new, they just couldn’t resist keeping something that will remind people of its past… ;-)

At any rate, I for one look forward to the Days of Edge, and the History of IE! Huzzah!!

And in other news…

collects several examples of the “Priority+” responsive navigation pattern. Lots of great examples, including the one that knows how many items are hidden, and the one in the comments, that I commented on. (I think there is something wrong with the first CodePen example on the actual CodePen site: the large-screen version doesn’t display all the menu items or the “+”, but you get the idea…)

Also from that CSS Tricks article, be sure to check-out ‘s Responsive Patterns collection; huge page of inspiration and common practices.

New CSS4 Selectors. Does every even know all of the CSS3 Selectors??? :-) (I love that I get to reference an article from 2006!!)

Wow: WebGL photo gallery from the ISS

Pretty cool mouse movement blur effect. It’s almost too hard to tell if the ball is actually blurring, or your eyes are just feeling fuzzy… If you want to really see the effect, in the JS panel, inside the moveBox function, change the 0.05 to 0.5. Fun!

Some great tips in this Building Offline Mobile HTML5 apps articles, but most transcend beyond just “offline” apps, and make sense for any site! The notion of using Zepto instead of jQuery is always a good one, and I really like the pointers to Pure and Picnic, need to check them out! (Not so sure about the user-scalable=no bit though… It’s easy to think that if you design your correctly, users shouldn’t need to zoom in, but you can’t possibly know all your user needs, can you?)

Article and presentation on animation performance. Some good tips!

A very brief definition of mobile, from :

  • 4-5.5 inch
  • portrait
  • one-thumb


Did you know Google runs a free an open image resizing service? I certainly didn’t.

And finally, bikers, when you are actually fortunate enough to have a bike lane, how much do you hate cars/trucks that use it as a loading/unloading zone? Yeah, I know. I remember when NYC started adding cameras to the front of their buses to automate tickets to people that drive illegally or park in bus lanes. It would be interesting to see a city adopt the same policy for bike lanes, maybe making use of the handy Towit app!

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