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I remember reading some time back about a clever technique for including JS in a page, but having it not be immediately interpreted, by enclosing that JS in HTML comments, then eval-ing it when needed. Slick, though I never actually tried it. This JS Bin shows an easy way to create, and grab the contents of, HTML comments; it does look pretty easy…

Svidget.js is a JavaScript framework for creating immersive and fully interactive SVG widgets. By componentizing your data visualizations as widgets, you can quickly and easily embed them on any website while keeping a clean separation between SVG and HTML.

Bikers: Trying to pick the best route from “A” to “B”? We often want the fasted or the one with the least-traffic, and perhaps some times we want the one that is the least hilly, but what about the least polluted?? Sounds rather nice to me…

As much as I do not like the term “hamburger icon”, I do have to admit that it is a very practical, and now well-established, method for collapsing menus on small screens. And this burger-icon-to-fullscreen-menu is pretty elegant

If you are considering switching your site to HTTPS, here is an intro-level article, good for getting you up-to-speed on terminology and options, but won’t really get you up and live.

Once you are convinced that you want to do this and have a basic understanding of the process and grammar, check-out this article to get your site secured.

Or maybe you would prefer a more detailed explanation by someone that just finished the process, including problems, frustrations and fixes.

And if you’re working on securing a WordPress site, including a Multisite, maybe this article is best for you.

A woman and her children were being held hostage by her boyfriend. Apparently he did allow her to order some food, from Pizza Hut, so along with her pizza and garlic bread order, she included a message to “Please help. Get 911 to me” and “911hostage help!”… This is, by far, the best use of a native app I have ever heard of…

The new Tuts+ series, A Walkthrough on Conditional Tags in WordPress, looks quite promising, looking forward to future installments!

Ever need, or want, to access your WP content via an API?

What are allergies? How are they caused, and what can people do to prevent them?

And finally:

A new project aims to create a space to address systemic issues such as wealth inequality, environmental degradation, a broken political system, and rampant racial and sexual discrimination.

This project is called The Next System Project; you can read more about it here. Like.

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