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But maybe you don’t need it anymore… Have you been studying, and learned a lot about web performance techniques already? Find out

From the slightly-distant future, shows-off several advanced CSS effects. Slowly, all of Photoshop is landing in CSS

Now take a look at the extremely-distant past, with The Limit Of What Hubble Can See

And while we’re geeking-out in space, here is a to-scale CSS animated orrery, including a live-image sun, complete with spots¬°Muy impressivo!

An explanation of, and best practices for, @extend in Sass. I would imagine most of this holds true for Less, as well.

gives us 5 easy steps to help make SVGs more accessible.

And speaking of SVGs, , via CSS Tricks, shares the nitty-gritty of CSS Transforms for HTML vs. SVG elements (plus how to make it all work in IE…).

And speaking of IE, it’s replacement, Edge, just got its own blog and Dev site.

I have not used Flexbox or Grid enough to have an opinion on this, but maybe you have, and do:

The CSS Working Group has reached an impasse on the issue of percentage margins (and padding) in flex and grid layout, and needs your input to help decide it.

Looking for that next, big inspiration? How about random CSS gradients?

Ha! A crying baby, in 100% CSS… :-)

Taking it even further, meet Pablo the Flamingo, made entirely in WebGL. Seriously impressive, make sure to click-and-drag him around… Seriously impressive…

And finally, in not-even-slightly-surprising-news, a study finds fracking chemicals contaminated drinking water in Pennsylvania. I understand the money is alluring, but this shit is just stupid… And then something like this happens, to prove stupid can get even stupider… (facepalm)…

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