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Great piece on the history of loops and how the first attempts at animation led to the lowly and powerful animated GIF.

One very deep article on CSS animation, targeting convertees from Adobe After Effects to CSS, but it’s really for anyone that wants to learn more about CSS animation!

A few more ideas on how to engage users with page animation, including form tips and achieving “realism” with your animations!

And while knowing how to roll your own animations, knowing how to dig deep into @keyframes and such, is always a great idea, some times you might want/need some help. So, here are the Top 12 Tools for Creating Animations with HTML5 (Sigh, link bait… So, not HTML5 of course, but CSS… And certainly not all 12 are “the top” above all other options… But you get the idea, have a quick scan, you never know when you might find something good…)

Flash sucks. But until it has completed its slow, painful, crawl toward death, Chrome has added some improvements to help it suck less (battery power, that is) by pausing what appear to be unnecessary Flash players. Sad, but a great idea.

And speaking of helping to murder Flash, how about Flash2SVG, a tool that helps you convert your Flash assets to SVG (Warning: The linked page contains audio that you cannot silence)? I had not heard of it before, but then I have never really dealt with Flash, so have nothing I would need to convert away from it, but while the author readily admits the resulting animation isn’t perfect, it is pretty darned good!

Back to that battery life thingy for a quick sec, here is a cool infographic on how to save battery life on your iPhone. The bit about not closing apps in Multitask is annoying, because I read a very similar article some time back that told me the exact opposite… Argh!

There are certain CSS features that we probably don’t use very often. I think CSS counters fall into that category for most of us…

Boy, could not be more right about me not even thinking about CSS counters… Depressingly, I can remember when thinking about them was a waste of time, because they were not supported well enough… No more! But his examples in this article sure make me think about them now!

4 ways to use modern CSS with old browsers is really more like “4 ways to use modern CSS and ignore old browsers”, but that’s not a bad thing! CSS Shapes, Multicolumn Layout and Flexbox certainly qualify as modern CSS, but the article basically says all (can) fallback very satisfactorily.

covers a bunch of annoying situations associated with Copy & Paste & The Web. Great topic, and great collection.

I don’t know if I would call The Accessibility Cheatsheet so much of a cheatsheet as an anthology! Great collection, great presentation!

Speaking of anthologies, CSS-Tricks has put together an insane collection of performance-related links, including CDNs, testing tools, browser extensions, asset optimization tools & techniques, and much, much more! Be sure to continue reading through the comments for many more!

And finally, this is the first [good] image taken by Bill Nye’s LightSail spacecraft… Space looks pretty beautiful, even from a tiny image like that… :-)

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  1. Rob says:

    Your link to performance related links would perform better if it wasn’t broken. :)

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