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After taking Monday off, let’s dive right back into the mix!

Friendly discussion in the comments regarding a few options to apply styles to all but the last of any selector.

Google Maps is easily one of my fave Google products, and yet I have always thought that, even with all the amazing features it has, it is one of the most neglected: creating custom maps is still a hidden, convoluted process; the custom icon sets for custom maps is pathetic; and if you have ever tried printing a custom map then you know they are basically useless, just a series of pins with no connection between them and what they represent… But I digress… :-) Here is a good Google Maps feature: from the desktop version you can now send locations to your mobile version

Speaking of Google Maps…

In honor of World Oceans Day, Google has released 40 new coastal and underwater Street View tours from pristine areas around the world, including places like the Great Barrier Reef, Cook Islands, American Samoa, Bali and more.

An HTML5 Rocks article instructing how to use the autocomplete to speed your user’s form completion. Great stuff!

And speaking of improving forms, we can help all of our visitors if we offer proper error messaging via ARIA attributes.

Similar to the recent SVG-Morpheus, here is another slick animated SVG, this time the history of mobile phones… :-)

[D]id you know that WordPress provides dedicated functions for uploading files, figuring out the file type and adding attachments?

Well I for one did not…

And speaking of WordPress, here’s a clever tactic to let clients easily, and safely, create custom-content sidebar widgets on-the-fly: using custom post types.

Okay, one more: The final installment of a fantastic series of WordPress tutorials on conditional tags, many I had never encountered before.

Throttling vs. Debouncing: Both are quite useful, but there is a difference, and thanks to for illustrating that difference so well.

The benefits of accordions on mobile, and why you should probably stop using them

Nice design piece on how to align elements by misaligning them. 1 + 1 doesn’t always equal 2…

A host of CSS4 selectors that are already landing in browsers, such as :default, :read-only, :valid, :optional, :has(), :focus-within, case-insensitive attribute selectors (to match a href[".pdf"] and a href[".PDF"], and many more!

While not CSS4, here are 5 CSS selectors that you probably don’t think of all that often

Fascinating quick study that finds that Google is not only ranking fast mobile sites above slow mobile sites, but is apparently also ranking any mobile site above any desktop site

A couple readers have forwarded links that I’d like to share:

Another clever technique for emphasizing :visited links, this time using CSS Blend Modes.

And finally, Astronomy Picture of the Day is now 20 years of astronomy photos each and every day… Love…

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