Today’s Readings

Let’s start with a little proficiency tip with 3 Keyboard Shortcuts I Wish I Learned Long Ago. I imagine most developers already know the one about switching between open applications (Cmd + Tab on Mac, Alt + Tab on PC), but the author has a couple variations on that!

I cannot imagine what scenario is missing from How to undo (almost) anything with Git. I assume there is at least one, I just cannot think of it…

Um, Quttons are freaking awesome… Makes me want to collect them all!! ;-)

And Gradify CSS is pretty freaking awesome too! Hard to imagine a way this could be used in production, but for a curated site, it would make for nice eye-candy!

Keeping with the awesome, the page scroll effects are über-awesome! I particularly love the Parallax option, for some reason it feels very natural to me. But even having read the article, I cannot tell what the “hijacking” option does…

I’ve been using grunticon for some time now to provide SVG support and fallbacks, but offers a Gulp-version, and runs you through his set-up and workflow!

Here is a HTML5 feature accessibility support for all Major Browsers. While Edge is still a mystery, IE will hopefully fade into the sunset some day in the next few years, and hopefully the upcoming Safari release will improve their standing a bit…

Speaking of accessibility, from Fluent 2015 comes the video for Custom Interfaces with ARIA, HTML and JavaScript by .

ponders a future of the web which he and his wife, , have coined “Progressive Apps“, which “aren’t packaged and deployed through stores, they’re just websites that took all the right vitamins” and are described by a serious collection of criteria, including being responsive, connection-independent, always up-to-date, safe, discoverable, installable, and of course, linkable. Man, how things have changed since I saw my first <html> tag… :-)

And finally, a burger icon I could really sink my teeth into… :-)

Happy reading,

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