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SVG on the Web is freaking awesome! From suggesting a ton of customizations and optimization options, to discussing a bunch of implementation options and the pros and cons of each method, to manipulations via CSS and JS, to dealing with responsiveness, to animations via SVG and CSS, to spriting, and even fallbacks… What a great resource!

Sticking with SVGs for just one more, who else but walks through creating complex SVG objects, grouping them, animating them, spriting them, and implementing them… Where does she find the time??? :-)

Infographics are cool because they present data in a format that is fun to read. But on mobile, they pretty much suck: big images, with embedded text, all scrunched down to fit inside the palm of your hand… So these animated infographics make SO much sense!

Kind of combining everything discussed above, this CodePen shows how powerful SVG animation can be, if it were explaining some data (like an infographic… :-)

What the hell, let’s just keep yapping about animation… ‘s talk from An Event Apart on Putting Your UI in Motion with CSS. It starts a little slow, but by about 1/3 of the way through, she starts really getting into what works best, and why.

14 great usability questions to check while creating form elements. (The article title says “for mobile” but why not follow this for all forms?)

You have likely seen versions of the first couple CSS checkbox tricks here, but the further down you scroll, the more interesting the examples get!

has created a very cool speech-recognition page editor… Certainly not the HAL 9000, but then I guess that’s a good thing! ;-)

It’s hard to imagine being interested in a WP alternative, but Craft claims to be a CMS for “development-oriented publishers”. Any takers?

A Look at Some CSS Methodologies, including OOCSS, BEM, SMACSS, and more.

A continuation of the same theme, but with a couple different points, Writing Good CSS. Note that there is a (non-linkable) TL;DR at the bottom of the article, if you need it by now… :-)

And finally, Samsung, makers of all-screens-large, have found a way to “[make] big trucks transparent in the name of road safety“… Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!!

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