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shares how to automatically detect and fix JS code style violations. Handy, and so easy!

An interesting warning against using || to set default values, specifically addressing bugs when values passed into functions are truthy or falsey…

shows you how to combine WordPress and Sass to organise your code and streamline your workflow. Thanks, Jason! :-)

walks total React newbies like me through an über basic intro, explaining states and how they work within React. As Stu says, if you know anything about React or “any of the frontend frameworks like Backbone/Ember/Angular, this tutorial is NOT for you.”

In ‘s Fun with the Web Animations API presentation, he gives us a taste of the great things to come!

walks us through her process for creating responsive, art-directed, embedded SVGs.

The CSSConf Australia presentation from start innocently enough by discussing the basics of CSS animation, but soon gets into the Earth’s gravitational pull, how Bézier curves work, and more… So, prepare yourself… :-)

On average, how many @media queries do you use on a project? If you’re like me, the answer is exactly the number needed, no more, nor less… ;-) warns that we can overdo things

Until the CSS Speech Module is supported in browsers, suggest this option of Using the Web Speech API to simulate CSS Speech support.

‘s first installment of 12 Little-known CSS Facts was so much fun, he decided to provide us with another 12! Thanks, Lou!

says us that, when it comes to explaining the importance of performance, like so many other things in life, it is often easier to show, than to tell

And finally, someone call the authorities, I think I just saw RD-D2 fly past my window… Nope, sorry, it was Snoopy

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