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Two big release updates this past week:

  1. jQuery has released two new Alpha versions: 3.0 (for IE9+) and 3.0 Compat (for IE<9). There are several updates that could break existing code, but as usual, they are well documented, and jQuery Migrate should help you find any potential stress points.
  2. While not a major release like jQuery, WordPress 4.3.3 Beta was also released. In addition to several bug fixes, there are also a few improvements that have landed.

You may have heard that a short while ago left Google to join Fastly. Well, he has now also left Fastly to join SpeedCurve.

SpeedCurve leverages WebPageTest’s great data while making it significantly easier for you to use.

I was quite excited about the concept of PostCSS when I first heard about it, but the idea of restructuring all of my current workflows just wasn’t very appealing… Apparently I wasn’t the only one, as writes It’s Time for Everyone to Learn About PostCSS: What It Really Is; What It Really Does after having the same feelings, but making the leap anyway.

How to Debug JavaScript Remotely With Vorlon.js. Is this the next step after Weinre?

offers up a cool effect, using CSS transforms to augment photos. The initial image in the article is very cool, and actually caught me off-guard at first… :-)

Anyone working remotely, as in, not in the same office as everyone else (even just on some days)? If so, here are several tips to make remote working an easier, more productive experience for the whole team. I’d like to personally +1 that “be prepared” thingy…

Styling SVG<use> Content with CSS, by who else but , is much more than the title indicates, getting into how you should structure your code, how the browser creates the Shadow DOM, dealing with cascades and overrides, using tricks like all and currentColor, and even getting into what’s coming down the pipe, like CSS variables… Oh yeah, Sara also talks about styling SVG <use> content with CSS… :-)

A nice collection of things you should already know about responsive web development, but it is nice to see it all pulled together into a single place like this.

And pushing those last two bits together, here is a quick run-through on making sure your SVGs are responsive·

‘s latest Web Developer Reading List: Text Effects covers the gambit of text effects, from text shadows and strokes to neon signs and exploding text…

The Front-End Developer’s Dilemma by is very dear to my heart. I used to just tell people I do “computer crap” and would then expand on that incrementally until I felt they realized enough about technology that I could really explain what I do without making their eyes roll into the back of their heads: “I do web stuff.” “I’m a web developer.” “I do front-end development.” “I specialize in HTML, CSS, and JS, but work with WP and even SVG a good bit too, but I also think about and push-back a lot when it comes to UI and UX.” Having to explain the difference between web design and web development always surprises me, but I am the first to admit that I am not, and correct others when they wrongly label me as, a programmer; I know dudes that are computer programmers, and that is not me… :-)

Some complex-as-hell CSS selectors in this Quantity Ordering With CSS article… Whew!

And finally, ‘s “Tediously Accurate Map of the Solar System is mind-bogglingly, brain-numbingly, cortex-meltingly amazing… I admit I did not make it all the way to Pluto… After an insane amount of scrolling, I had passed Saturn (no, I did not make it to Uranus, snarf! ;-), yet my horizontal scroll bar said I was still only halfway… I got new respect for you, New Horizons

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