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Blood cells, honed in the lab to kill cancer, lead to four-year remissions. Three of 14 leukemia patients are in complete remission.
The Verge

Nice intro to Gulp article. The bottom line, for me is:

The main difference is how you configure a workflow with them. Gulp configurations tend to be much shorter and simpler when compared with Grunt. Gulp also tends to run faster.

Honestly, the speed isn’t that big of a deal to me, it is part of a build process after all, but the shorter/simpler configurations sounds pretty nice…

Okay, you’re going to want to sit down some place quiet and comfortable before digging into this article on Client Hints from . The results are as amazing as the depth of the article is intimidating… TL;DR: With one meta tag, you can reduce your img/picture tags to just a single src/source

Few things annoy me more on the web than when I am trying to get to a website, but the website owner prevents that and insists that I use their app instead; nearly 100% of the time I move on. And it looks like Google Search will start doing the same

Why UX is not about design. This nicely distinguishes between UX and Design, illustrating they are not the same thing, and that design is actually part of UX, not the other way around.

Looks like very, very slowly, we are getting scroll-snap functionality, but we are still a long, long way from production-ready

And actually, of all browsers, it looks like Safari might be taking the lead on scroll-snap???

Prefetching, preloading, prebrowsing. Learn them. Use them. Why not?

Great news on the video-front: Microsoft announces that Edge will support Google’s WebM video format!

And to create those WebM videos, you can use this new in-browser encoder!

And then to spoil all of that… :-/

In a rare moment of cooperation, seven of the technology industry’s most prominent software makers have banded together to create a next-generation standard for encoding and decoding video streams.
Google, Microsoft, and other tech giants team up to create next-gen video codec

Gitualize is a great visualization tool for GitHub repos. Wonder if it could be incorporated into non-GitHub Git repos…

Responsive images is a large complex issue. Initially. Once you get your pieces in places, it becomes much easier. Hopefully this article helps get you there.

SVG continues to impress, this time with SVG patterns. Powerful stuff!

Speaking of SVGs, here are several lessons learned from one developer’s attempt at three little SVG animations.

Everyone knows that using feature detection makes you a God and using UA sniffing makes you an asshole, right? Well, yes and no. I agree that feature detection is the preferred method, but the reality is that just because a feature exists on a device, doesn’t mean the device does it correctly, or even slightly well… We have found this at work, and this article outlines the issue even further. Unfortunately, at the moment, your options are “roll with it” or start using some device detection product…

Taking that same topic in a slightly different direction, writes about the challenges we face ahead with the device context continuum. Deep. ;-)

A cool story of a Hackday gone crazy, but in a good way, where five developers turned the Norwegian online newspaper world upside-down, and made it six-times faster. BAM! Instant CV… :-)

Continuing with the theme, we move to using a WordPress API Plugin and React Native to build mobile apps!

And speaking of React, if you’re using React (or want to), you’re going to want to know ES6, and if you don’t yet, then here is a video cheatsheet for ES6, the best parts!

And apparently there are so many best parts that it required a second video, so here is part two!

Here is a really fantastic collection of resources and best practices for improving your site’s performance, focusing on optimizing the critical path.

Got Git? Or still want it?? Here’s a nice intro and primer for Git from Udemy.

And finally, suddenly is all over my inbox, from his What the Flexbox? series, to his Command Line Power User series, and now to his Fixing a poor WordPress Google Page Speed Score video, which is actually a collection of shorter videos all edited into one tutorial. Just wow.

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