Today’s Readings

Intersection Observer sounds damned nice…

Ish is an amazing tool for testing your responsive site! This site looks pretty cool, especially in Disco Mode (even more so if you have an ├╝ber-wide monitor)! :-)

A fun little musing about the history of color names in CSS. And once you think you’ve got them all sorted out, have a go at ‘s CSS Colour Names game! It ain’t easy…

I had the pleasure of seeing present at the 2015 Smashing Conference in Freiburg, so it is a pleasure to start following his readings, such as his growing series of web font anti-patterns. Inlining as Base-64 in a CSS file is one I know I am guilty of, and need to change in a current project. Looking forward to the rest in the series!

A nice thorough tutorial on how to customize WordPress’ Walker class to create custom nested lists.

With more than half of Google searches happening on mobile now, and Google announcing that they will now start indexing and deep-linking to iOS 9 apps, maybe we should start caring about mobile more than desktop. In which case, we might want to also start thinking about accessibility on mobile a little more…

Sticking with Google for another second, this is a really good explanation of what AMP is, and isn’t; what is intended to do, and not.

Once again takes us on a little trip down the rabbit hole, this time using motion-path to animate elements along a path. Granted, only for Chrome and Opera right now, but still worth checking out!

Mr. walks us through The Art of Debugging. A bold endeavour, not doubt, and if you’d like, you can cut right to the mustard

It’s a busy world, and on any given day we all might serve different roles. And apparently your HTML elements can have multiple roles too (ARIA roles, that is…).

Oh, you know that clever “hash-bang” (#!) you’re using to create “crawler” URLs for Googlebot? Well, it appears they don’t like that idea any more… Instead, they recommend the golden standard of progressive enhancement.

And finally, Video, Steve Souders, Responsive Field Day 2015. `nuff said??

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