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Interesting, wm-html-include.js is a polyfill let’s you include HTML until the W3C HTML Import is ready for prime time. Here are a couple of ideas of how that might be useful.

Some really great examples of fluid type using CSS‘s calc. While calc might still feel like it’s too experimental, Can I Use says (mostly) otherwise, with IE9‘s note not being as bad as it looks, but Android’s note making it pretty much useless there…

offers links to four SVG presentations from CSS Dev Conf, enjoy!!

I love project walk-throughs, no secret there!! From CSS Tricks again, this time a guest-post from , walks us through the intricate background image shapes he had to create for the new Britain on Film website. Love seeing the attempts, seeing what didn’t cut it and why, and finally the successful outcome!

And speaking of elegant solutions to tricky situations, offers her Flexbox solution to a tricky video player responsive layout bug. Nice.

Light and clean tooltips with smooth 3D animation
No framework required

Very elegant, and don’t let the browser support at the bottom of the page put you off, check the notes on the GitHub page for better details.

Really fantastic run-down of JS Promises by ! I am instantly in love with Promises.all (note the minor code correction in the comments)!! The browser support is not a very pretty picture, but I found a number of polyfills, including this one from , so maybe it’s not all bleak…

Multi-Level Sliding Accordion Only with CSS. Yup, sure is!

Any inspired writers out there, looking to make a few extra bucks? Tuts+ is looking for writers on a few different subjects, why not give it a go?

And finally, ever wonder how some people get those sort of odd jobs, like voice-overs for videos games, for instance? Well, The Verge has a series called How Did You Get That Job? that answers exactly that question, and more!

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