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This is issue going to start with a crapload of WordPress stuff, so sit back, relax, and enjoy…

Yeah, ok, now that we’ve got all that amazing stuff in place, what happens if something goes wrong?

Just one more, and this one deserves to sit by itself, as WordPress announces Calypso

A single interface to manage all your or Jetpack-enabled sites, built with the latest web technologies and used by millions of people — and now it’s open source.

This looks freaking awesome! WordPressers around the globe, if you like, make your voice known, as this will only entire into WordPress Core if the community wants it…

Okay, had enough WordPress for a while? Then let’s move on to Service Workers! :-) Really nice walk-through of an “immersive, engaging and high-performance app”, including problems encountered and solutions derived (or still in the works).

And if you like that one, maybe you’ll like this one too!

Or how about a nice lengthy article about JS Closures? Nice beginning, nice walk-through, very descriptive, very explanatory!

Need a quick primer into ES6? I know I do…

From , Let’s learn how to use JavaScript responsibly and stay up-to-date. Watch, listen, learn.

Top 13 Web Development Blogs You Should be Reading. Several known to me, but a few I didn’t. Great news, more to read! :-)

Great UX suggestions from for keeping a user’s place in your site or app.

I’m currently working my way through a 6-part MVC comparison series, in which I occasionally grump about SPAs and the lack of actual markup being sent to the browser, and therefore indexable by search engines, and readable by screen readers… So, when I read about Sails.js, which is “[a]n MVC-style Framework For Node.js”, meaning you are “able to share your code between the server and client”! Nice stuff!!

Here is an entire slew of SVG animations, contained in a slide presentation (but one of those rare ones that is actually useful even when the presenter is not standing beside it talking!), with tons of live examples… Nice!!

And finally, while there are no SVG animations here, just a metric crap-ton of divs and is and CSS (not even any JS!), to make a Star Wars AT-AT Walker, walk… Wow.

Happy reading,

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