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I like the simplicity of debugCSS. A lot. Combine it with something like your favorite Dev Tool emulator, to test your responsive breakpoint-driven CSS, and you’re really onto something.

walks us through Using Multi-Step Animations and Transitions. Took me a minute to realize that each “step” declaration ended with a comma and not a semicolon… Really cool stuff!

shows-off a new SPA framework that uses something called HTML and CSS! Oh, and just a sprinkle of what I see as pretty unnecessary JS… :-) I love the elegance of simplicity…

The Untapped Power of Web Apps is a pretty fun look at what all we could (and should) be doing inside of Web Apps!

And not just related to SPAs or Web Apps, but all projects, is this piece for 24 Ways about adjusting your animation for responsive sites. The examples chosen and short video demonstrations really illustrate the point nicely! is more than just a little addictive… Pick an old browser, pick a date in the past, and see that site, in that browser… (Sort of.)

The SVG Path Builder is also more than just a little addictive! Making drawing SVG shapes really, really simple…

Okay, this is nuts, so much fun on the Interwebs now-days! Have a go at Flexbox Froggy and see how well you can properly Flexbox the Froggies onto their lily pads!

Then, leaping back to Heydon for a second, take a hop through some basic Flexbox Grid Finesse, including some (almost) element query examples!

And then let run you through your paces with Grid, Flexbox, and Box Alignment!!

A nice introduction to PostCSS, if you have not already dabbled.

From a to wbr, all HTML elements are listed at Get html, along with a brief description for each, and, if clicked, a brief code sample.

Fantastic large project post-mortem: Lessons Learned In Big App Development, A Hawaiian Airlines Case Study. I love seeing what others have tried, what lessons they learned, and when/how they learned them.

I don’t usually talk about Native Apps here, but Duet for Mac (or PC) sounds pretty slick, allowing you to use your tethered iPhone or iPad as a second monitor! Could be pretty slick for working at home, or while traveling!

graciously points us to an extension of his Service Worker for caching and adding offline support to your site!

And finally, has provided us with a new drinking game: read his article on Intrinsic Placeholders with picture, and take a drink every time he uses the word “intrinsic”… :-P (Just giving you s#!t, Dave!) Then, when you sober up, make use of his slick Sass mixin for avoiding repaint with responsive images!

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