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The idea of sound on the web, much like JavaScript not so long ago, invokes a very smelly sound… But if done right, it could bring an entire new aspect to your site/app/project!

When I encounter a data table that I cannot sort, I tend to think “What a lazy developer…” I am usually similarly annoyed by tables that only allow me to sort by a single column; I mean, isn’t that usually really useful? But a multi-column sort is a lot less common to find, so I tend to forgive it… No longer.

While grid is certainly the darling of the ball now-days, let us not forget dear flex; after all, she waited so long, and provided so much… :-) Here are three very quick, very concise flexbox tips to help make our dear flex ever dearer…

Okay, 3D flipping checkboxes are cute. Never gonna use it, but definitely cute!

But this 3D switch… is downright sexy…

So, how is your site built? WordPress? Gatsby? Markdown? Surely not… HTML… Anyhow, here is a fantastically deep read on how Trent C. Dodds rebuilt his entire site using what seems to be the latest-and-greatest-state-of-the-art stuffs… I have to admit, I have not read the entire article, and certainly do not fully understand all of it, but I intend to read it all, and intend to fully to at least grok it all…

Hmm, on the heals of my Replacing jQuery with Vanilla ES6 post, jQuery announces it is deprecating jQuery Mobile

Was it something I said?

Related, comes Fabio Spampinato’s “absurdly small jQuery alternative for modern browsers” called Cash.

Okay, did I just stumble across something, or am I severely late to the game? (Surely the former…) Vanilla JS’s .replaceWith() accepts both elements (with children) or HTML strings… Note that, unlike innerHTML, .replaceWith() replaces the element itself, not the parent’s contents… Meaning, both have their place in our ever-expanding toolbox…

This is definitely over my head, but for anyone deeply into TypeScript, here are 3 TypeScript Tricks you might wanna look at…

Less over my head, several cool CSS affects to help your project stand out!

Chris Coyier demonstrates three methods for “show password”. I have loved this from the very moment I saw it. Never knew how much I needed it until then…

Recently I’ve been digging pretty deeply into web performance, and naturally Google’s Lighthouse just keeps popping up and popping up and popping up… Well, here is an interesting look at Lighthouse vs. RUM/CrUX… (NOT saying Lighthouse is bogus/unworthy, just saying let’s keep an open eye on reality, shall we?)

So, like I was saying, performance is important, and anything that makes animation less resource-intensive is a good thing! Like Motion One: “A new animation library, built on the Web Animations API for the smallest filesize and the fastest performance.”

And furthermore, ever tried implementing parallax on touch devices? It ain’t fun, but clearly it is stunningly possible… (The demos alone make your click worthwhile…)

And once you have all your performance-minded ideas sussed-out, why not componentize them?

Have to admit, I have never used the native HTML dialog, maybe because I don’t write a lot of apps that use dialogy-type thingies, but it sure seems like the right move

While CSS nesting has been around for a long time in preprocessors such as Less and Sass, it has yet to break into native CSS… Is it coming? Gotta say though, that @nest is some ass-backwards-ugly BS…

So, someone apparently asked “How do you create a typewriter affect on the web?” Wait, don’t we just use marquee???

And finally, while I have been exuberantly-pleased to see the female::male ratio greatly improving on conference stages lately, it is still extremely-worthy to note that our world still has a long way to go toward reaching “equality”. And I state this, loud and proud, as a straight white man. I also state, loud and proud, and wholeheartedly: thank you, Kitty Giraudel, for trying to help us all understand the gender spectrum… Honestly, of all industries, we web techers should be the best at absorbing a new way of viewing and understanding life around us…

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