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Always such a relief to see other developers, especially those as smart as , trip and stumble through stuff just like I do! :-) In this “Can I Clone it?” challenge, he tries to recreate a 3D Grid effect. The big take-aways, for me, aside from a ton of good grid and Emmet tips & tricks throughout, are:

Thanks for the insight, Kevin!

Speaking of grid, finally, we can animate to height: auto using CSS only! Unfortunately, it is also currently only possible in Firefox… But fortunately, Chrome has a bug filed, and you can help nudge it!

shares several methods for reducing @media queries into just plain CSS. Again, nothing wrong with @media queries, let’s just remember there are options, and the less we write, the better!

A new CSS reset? Yes, and ‘s explanation makes total sense!

In a previous post I linked to showing how to use an HTML form to generate a pull request; here’s how to do it using GitHub issue forms!

takes us into the world of CSS art, using JS, with The CSS Paint API. Feels odd to me to think about “drawing” using JS… they seem so at odds with one another…

But speaking of art-in-the-browser, not sure how many are working with interactive canvas projects, but if you are, this Chrome add-on seems useful!

So, there is clearly a slight slant to this article, but does a nice write-up comparing Svelte with React and Vue.

Now for a slight rant on i18n

And while we’re talking about inclusion on the web, a11y should always be considered:

And finally, from comes what could probably be more-or-less all of our daily productivity journals

Happy reading,

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