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From the folks at CodyHouse comes a nifty animated hover underline effect.

performs a stress test for common SVG icon implementations.

Or skip the SVGs and reach for ‘s Pure CSS Icons.

offers a sweet little animation library for animating in/out page elements. The transitions look great, but I could see that being annoying every time I returned to the homepage, for example…

provides the tidy Modern CSS in a Nutshell. Certainly covers the required basics!

offers 5 Real-Life Uses for the JavaScript reduce() Method.

A couple of “have fun with code” projects:

A short delve into the land of performance…

Lorem Faces is freaky: a collection of computer-generated faces… So… none of these people actually exist? Freaky. But a useful tool for your next mockup/prototype!

And speaking of “lorem”, how about, another placeholder image API, but this one has categories!

Digging all the DevTools coolness coming from Edge! Like linting your page’s HTML and checking for accessibility issues!

offers a guide to Understanding Static Functions and Static Classes in PHP. (Does anyone else still use PHP?)

walks-through some really nice grid layout stuff, including column- and row-spanning, @media queries for different screen sizes, and even dabbles into grid-template-areas, which I just love!

A couple of months ago I wrote a short bit about replacing jQuery with Vanilla JS. Well, just took things up a notch with Replace jQuery, a utility that will “[a]utomatically find jQuery methods from existing projects and generate vanilla js alternatives”… :-O Note the warning that “the utility functions generated by replace-jquery are not completely equivalent to jQuery methods in all scenarios”, but this is certainly worth playing with!

And finally, if you don’t already know her (as I did not, until just moments ago), please take the time to meet . In 2014, at the age of 23, Seyi was elected as the youngest, black female Councillor in East London. In 2016, she gave an impromptu speech at the European Parliament that went viral. While being delivered, that speech was met with both cheers and boos, but later Seyi was attacked online and even received death threats… Because she had an opinion, spoke her mind, and was black and female… So, being a strong, community-minded, enthusiastic person that saw a problem, she decided to try to fix it, and created Glitch, a charity trying to end online abuse toward women, people of color and non-binary people. I was drawn in with this great Mozilla Hacks interview. I hope it affects you the same way.

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