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The State of the Browser 2021 conference is over, and all the videos are available online! Although, you wouldn’t know it by just looking at that page, as it is titled “Speakers”, and makes no indication that clicking on a speaker will take you to a page that has a video of their presentation and links to their slides. There goes the weekend! :-)

I have heard a lot about Cloudinary (media optimization / CDN), but never tried it. Their WP plugin just got an update, making the idea very tempting…

offers a multi-part, in-depth series on Git, including creating the “perfect” commit, branching, merging, re-basing, cherry-picking and more.

For anyone using it for performance testing, gives a through explanation of how Lighthouse estimates what it estimates

And for any Next.js developers out there, gives several pointers on keeping your growing code base as fast as possible.

React, Svelte or Angular: Which one to pick of the three? Of course, for most of us, the answer to that question is “Which one gets me the job?”… Knowing all three equally well is unlikely, but having a high-level understanding of all three seems doable. Hope this article helps.

Still not sure which to pick? has a pretty solid opinion for you in his Why I Recommend Svelte to Every New Web Developer presentation…

And whichever platform you choose, is here to help you make sure your SPA security is up to snuff!

Really elegant Grid Zoom Layout from . I love the “thumb grid” when a photo is open, allowing you to easily jump around to other images, not just “Next” or “Previous” as you would get with a typical gallery…

First, created the “Boop”, a truly awesome UI interaction, even though it requires quite a bit to setup and use, including React. Then Chris Coyier took at stab at live-code recreating it without React. Then steps in and says we should actually be animating the pseudo elements instead of the elements themselves… Whew! Man, I’m tired…

walks us through 3 awesome tools for a better front-end dev experience. Super awesome, as he dives into features from each tool; check the video description for links to all the tools.

Need toggle buttons but don’t want/need all of Bootstrap? Then Tiny UI Toggle might be just for you!

And finally, I think we all need this right about now…

I don’t know where we go from here, with this latest pandemic setback, but I do know that things will keep moving.
And if you feel bad today, feel bad. Feel sad or angry or scared or whatever it is you need to feel. Give yourself to yourself as you are.
Things will keep changing. Life will keep unfolding. We will keep going.

Best laid plans by Amy Hupe,

Thanks, Amy…

Happy reading,

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