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shows us how to Generate a Pull Request of Static Content With a Simple HTML Form. A very slick idea!

And hightlights ‘s very elegant approach to solving the “sticky footer when there isn’t enough content to fill the page” problem. Okay, so maybe not a major problem, and my name for it definitely sucks, so go read Chris’ article, and checkout the CodePen for a better, visual explanation…

Don’t seem to be able to get enough of CSS Tricks this time around… summarizes ‘s work to revisit the “70 characters per line” rule. Read Geoff’s article for the Cliffsnotes, but Mary’s article is also well-worth reading, if for no other reason than to enjoy an actual research document, with footnotes, resources, and everything! :-)

And speaking of deep-dive, researchy-type things, ‘s Deep dive: Mobile design principles and best practices does exactly what it says, providing some insight into what our users are doing with those things in their hands, and providing us with some guidelines.

never ceases to impress… His Another 5 Must Know JavaScript Features features gems such as JS labels, Object.freeze, Map, Set, console.time, console.assert, console.table and debugger… Love `em!

Don’t think I have ever been involved in a project where ‘s “very simple, little effect” like this would fit in, but it is quite impressive! You almost don’t notice the page background shifting, because the slide transition is so eye-catching, but the page background really ties it all together, I think!

writes about all the modern color settings we can use in our CSS now-days, starting with hsl/hsla, which I just cannot seem to grasp, and then moves on to hwb, lab and lch… Yeah, if I can’t grok hsl after all these years, what’re my chances with those last three??? I am not digging the new comma-less values, though, like rgba(255 0 0 / 50%)… No punctuation at all would have been awesome… Do we really need that slash, if rgba() just always takes 4 parameters?

Wow, I always thought I was slick with my silly little:

box-shadow: 0 0 5px 10px rgba(0, 0, 0, .6)

But Shadow Palette Generator sure puts that to shame…

offers a slick and very practical work-around to make position: sticky work on grid elements.

Using Web Workers to boost third-party script performance is certainly an enticing title, and you soon realize the article is probably sponsored-content, but the concept is a solid, and if Partytown can pull off what they say, maybe it is worth trying!

Wow… background-repeat: space;… Who knew? Well, of course did… :-)

The Google Chrome Developers YouTube channel offers a new video titled The new responsive design. It’s their take on the state of responsive design today. The idea is that “responsive” has moved beyond “looking good on all screen sizes”, and now includes things like user preferences. They also discuss container queries (including new related DevTools features), a new components library, a responsive design course (taught by ), updates to their existing CSS course and more.

And finally, as simple and succinct as it gets…

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