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Nice walk-through for the native dialog element, including work-arounds for common UX bits that don’t work exactly the same as the more-common JS-invoked versions, like clicking outside the dialog/modal to close it.

I enjoy skimming through articles about web tech topics, even if I think I know the topic pretty well. I almost always find some new tidbit, or am reminded of something I had forgotten (especially if the “best practice” might have changed a bit over the years…). Louis Lazaris’ Beginner’s Guide to Responsive Images is just such an article.

Great usability feature initially tweeted by Stefan Judis, then highlighted and dug-into by Chris Coyier: enterkeyhint. Seems like it still needs some sussing-out, but with nearly all major mobile browsers now supporting, and it being only relevant to soft/virtual keyboards, this one is ready for prime time! (Important to remember that you cannot know in what order users complete a form; sure, likely top-to-bottom, but no guarantee…)

Speaking of usability, here are 16 ways to not create a “burger menu” icon, reasons why each is problematic, and a couple alternatives for your consideration.

Fully enjoyed A Smashing Hour with Sara Soueidan; fun, easy conversation, covering so many topics! A few highlights…

  • a lot of talk about Dan Mall
  • and design systems
  • Invision has a good resource
  • as does Dan Mall himself
  • looking forward to sub-grid (yay Firefox!)…
  • cascade layers (yay Chrome & Firefox (both behind flags)) and container queries
  • and recommends Mia to learn more about those last two
  • and of course a lot of talk about SVG and a11y, and how both should be considered core frontend components…
  • even offering a nice idea of using ARIA attributes as CSS selectors, rather than adding unnecessary CSS classes, like using:

    instead of:

  • but also a really important discussion on whether being a “full-stack developer” is practical…
  • and the overall thinking is that it is probably unlikely that any one person could keep up with, and be awesome at, ALL the frontend AND the backend things, so maybe it is best to try to be aware of all the new things, but find something you are passionate about and be awesome at that
  • I mean, look at Sara herself, who mentions that when someone hires her for her skills, she basically never touches backend, and rarely has to learn a completely new tech…

From Jonathan Martin’s JS Conf 2017 persentation, comes the async IIFE pattern and Semaphore JS functionality for managing concurrent multithread JS processes. Powerful stuff!

For you command-line types out there, check out these awesome-console-services. What a fun way to check the weather! And that zoomable map… kind of breaks my head…

A group at is working on a new performance metric, for smoothness… Detecting animations, measuring animation frames, determining what impacts them, etc. Not complete yet, but they are looking for help!

A fun, short read about one developers’ site iterations and the stack used at that time. Amazed at having snapshots of each site iteration. This site has been through many, many more iterations, and I have simply lost most of those code bases… Luckily, most were so ugly, they are no great loss, other than perhaps as cautionary tales… ;-)

And finally, I guess at some point in the last 8+ years, The Old Reader decided to cap the number of subscriptions that free members could have…
The Older Reader's limited subscriptions message
$25/year seems, worthwhile to me…
The Old Reader upgraded subscription message
But now I feel like I need to start following a bunch more feeds… :-/

Happy reading,

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