Switching to night-mode (no, really this time)

Some time ago, I wrote a tiny bit on “going dark“, as that was suddenly becoming all the rage.

Well, now that that is completely and totally overdone to the point of becoming passé, I figured it was the perfect time for me to hop on the bandwagon too! :-)

So, if you are a fan of “dark mode”, and you’ve set your OS preference to reflect that, then you already see the change.

In the end, it only took a few lines of CSS, thanks to my quite simple color palette, though it would have been even easier if I were using CSS variables, but I’m not… yet.

I’m still debating on whether the “manual toggle” makes any sense… I mean, if you wanted dark mode, you’d already be using it, right? So, aside from people like you and me that like to click things back and forth a half-dozen times, then never do it again, what’s the use?

Anyhow, I’m at least finally doing my part to save the environment… ;-P

And if anyone really wants the toggle, let me know; the hardest part, really, is figuring out where it would fit in the UI

Happy reading,

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