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I have no affiliation with this product, and do not use a Magic Mouse m’self, but I know many who do, and they all swear really vile things (justifiably) about the charging port being on the bottom of the damned thing… So, this fixes that

This is making the rounds, if you want to (try to) prevent AI from harvesting your content:

User-agent: GPTBot
Disallow: /

On the flip-side of AI, here are three articles to help developers use AI to improve our day-to-day:

  1. How to use GitHub Copilot: Prompts, tips, and use cases
  2. Automate web scraping with ChatGPT in less than 10 lines of code
  3. Accelerate test-driven development with AI

shares a really cool interactive demo of Aleks’ nested corner radii. Math so simple, even I could (possibly) do it!

is kind enough to share his Scroll-Driven Animations and View Transitions presentation from CSS Day 2023. Scroll down the the slides or the video. These two amazing technologies cannot mature fast enough for the web…

shows off this Funky Pure CSS Accordion. Indeed!

presented Understanding and Optimizing Interaction to Next Paint (INP) at JSConf Korea 2022. I feel like all Google presentations are too strictly scripted, but the information is absolutely worthwhile, as we all prep for this upcoming CWV!

And speaking of performance, a new community discussion board recently launched, you might want to give it a try:

One more for performance, and presented Preload v Early Hints v Fetch Priority at NY Web Performance Meetup. Great topic to clarify, and some really insightful… insights.

recently wrote four PWA-related articles:

  1. Make the PWA installable
  2. Make your PWA work offline with a Service-Worker
  3. Write a quality Workbox for your PWA
  4. PWA Best Practices

All should help you get your PWA all sussed-up!

A thoughtful article on The Future of Remote Work. Interesting to try and figure out exactly where you honestly lie in the descriptions here…

shares A Blog Post With Every HTML Element. Whew! Wasn’t sure we really needed this, but also Bravo! for tackling this so thoroughly! I really like how the elements are grouped, but I think a TOC would be really helpful…

And finally, Voyager 2 is now more than 19.9 billion kilometers from Earth, but it still phones home, even though it takes more than 37 hours to get a response… What’s your excuse for not calling mom? ;-)

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