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Anyone looking to offload some junior developer-level work? How about letting AI take a stab at it? Sweep aims to “transform bug reports & feature requests into code changes with just a description.” Seems like an interesting concept, allowing AI to create a first draft, then let the Peer Review process handle the fine-tuning… Any takers?

Speaking of AI, maybe just let GPT Web App Generator build the entire darned thing!

Generate your full-stack web app in Wasp, React, Node.js and Prisma.


shows off a really slick, CSS-only, direction-aware navigation menu highlight. Love it!

demonstrates what object-view-box is, how it works, and why it is awesome.

reveals an interesting approach to CI budgeting:

checks every commit on CI, calculates the real cost of your JS for end-users and throws an error if the cost exceeds the limit…

calculate the time it would take a browser to download and execute your JS… a much more accurate and understandable metric compared to the size in bytes.

shows us how to use the animation-play-state property to pause and resume animations in CSS. Not only useful for debugging (add via DevTools?), but also, as Amit mentions, pausing on hover or when the user clicks a button, perhaps to manually indicate prefers-reduced-motion!

While we’re debugging in DevTools, shares two different methods for inspecting interactions that elements that appear when focused, but disappear when not.

shares a pretty creative approach to use a single image crop in multiple layouts sizes using Focal Points, Aspect Ratio & Object-Fit. I guess the Focal Points portion would need to be built into your CMS / Asset Management tool somehow?

I know this is old now, but did such a fantastic creating the 100 Days Of More Or Less Modern CSS, I just had to share again… With so many new CSS-related things happening so quickly, these lists are great to periodically go back to and see what you might have skipped over previously… Eventually they will all sink in…

suggests organizing our CSS into media-specific files and letting the browser conditionally help us with performance.

Speaking of performance, shares his CSS Runtime Performance presentation from the January 2023 conference. This is a great explainer of the difference between Style vs. Layout (you know, “that purple bar” in your Performance trace).

I continue to be blown away by View Transitions and how good they can feel! Here, shows off a super smooth music player demo.

And finally, enjoy what is for some of us a fantastic trip down memory lane and for others a history lesson: 40 Years in Tech
A few notables, for me, include:

  • “Born in the U.S.A.” was the first CD pressed in America
  • is the oldest registered domain
  • “Ten Summoners’ Tails” was the first, digitally secure, online credit card purchase
  • We almost had to say “Just Backrub it”
  • and many, many more…

Fun stuff!

Happy reading,

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