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You’ve probably already heard about this one, but it is so awesome it is worth mentioning again:
text-wrap: balance;

shares an explainer for a the cool mouse-tracking effect initially seen on the Creative South ‘23 website.

Way back in December of 2022, wrote about the incredible benefits of bfcache and prerender. I recently tried to work on this for a customer site; bfcache can be a really hard nut to crack, especially when it comes to third-party scripts…

tells us all about the new <search> HTML element. Similar to how <nav> serves as a semantic wrapper for your navigation components, <search> serves as a semantic wrapper for your search component. Anyone using this beauty yet?

A fun read from on laying a book with CSS. Grab a coffee or tea, maybe a pastry (or two) and enjoy this little trip… (A good writer indeed, might have to hunt down that technothriller!)

helps us understand the ins-and-outs, and highlights a few gotchas and best practices, of CSS Nesting.

Speaking of Adam, he also shares 6 CSS snippets every front-end developer should know in 2023. And don’t worry, these aren’t a bunch of pie-in-the-sky maybe-someday snippets, all are well-supported, and ready for production!

And speaking of listy things, offers 10 CSS animation tips and tricks. Really cool stuff, lots of little-knowns…

And speaking of listy things and Kevin Powell, he also offers 5 super useful CSS properties that don’t get enough attention. Yeah, his lists are never-ending, so gonna stop right here…

And speaking of Canadians (Kevin, anyway), this seems like it would be a SUPER useful tip! Apparently works for US gas pumps that ask for this, too.
Convert Canadian Postal Code for use as US ZIP Code

I swear, is a one-man View Transitions workshop! His latest, mimicking the Mac OS-style Expose feature

shares several insights for better CSS transitions and animations. “Less is more” and the easing bits are the biggest insights for me.

And finally, sage advice, indeed…
No one is ever on the same page

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