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One of the best explanations I have seen of how browsers load script elements, and how we can influence that process:

Visual explanation of JavaScript Tag Loading and how async and defer effects that process
Courtesy of via Twitter.

And speaking of Wes, Oh… mah… gah!

Did you know CSS has a `turn` unit?

.knob {
  rotate: 0.75turn;

Sometimes it’s easier to turn something `rotate: 0.75turn;` instead of doing the math to `rotate: 270deg;`

No, I did not! And yes, it is!! :-O

With the impending deprecation of the unload event, a lot of JS libraries (especially tracking libraries) are scrambling to rewrite their code base. But what about you and your code base? Well, luckily there are lots of options, and has provided a very thorough article comparing all of the alternatives to unload.

My good friend referred me to After massively extensive research, the good folks at Set Studio can confidently point out that “the ideal viewport doesn’t exist”. Don’t believe them? Then you’d better get cracking on your @media queries to get your sites setup for all of the 2,300 viewports they found… :-/

I really miss the “good old days” of building websites. We hand-coded HTML, we crafted CSS, dripped on some JS (if it was needed), and our pages were light and fast (as they could be, considering the speed of the Internet in those days)… I am still not a fan of frameworks that require build systems, but will admit that tooling can be pretty handy. shares how to Create a CI/CD Pipeline for Front End Projects, which covers what I am looking for, and beyond…

And speaking on me not liking frameworks, writes about integrating Patterns for Reactivity with Modern Vanilla JavaScript.

ponders the question “Is Lighthouse a misleading performance tool?“. As a performance engineer, I battle quotes about Lighthouse scores nearly daily. Rob very carefully explains, in great detail, why the tool is not the problem, but rather people’s understanding of the tool… Could not agree more, a hammer makes a crappy screwdriver and a screwdriver makes a crappy hammer…

I first mentioned Speculation Rules quite recently, and now is here to tell us how to debug these “suggestions” inside of DevTools (as of Chrome 117).

Been ignoring scroll-driven animations because they aren’t well supported? Then it’s time to start paying attention, because and team just pushed a polyfill

Ever publish some GitHub code in your post, then update the code on GitHub, but not on your post? Yeah, keeping code sample updated sucks. But not anymore! has created github-include, which allows you to add code samples to your post, then github-include includes (snort!) an auto-updating card “showing the main repo link, a link to the GitHub Pages demo and the last x commits”… Nice!

And finally, looking for a little inspiration in this World Wide Web of ours? Well Mr. Inspiration himself, presents us with a new site aptly entitled Educational Sensational Inspirational Foundational, which Zach says is “A historical record of foundational web development blog posts. This collection of ×41 blog posts and web sites is ordered chronologically”, starting with none-other-than Cool URIs don’t change by none-other-than Sir … Enjoy! :-)

And finally-finally, Mr. Dao himself, offers two articles in the same days-of-yore spirit: Years of transformation–the prehistory of how we got to here and where we go next and Years of transformation: 1981. The IBM PC… Fun reads, both of them…

Happy reading,

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