A Valid XHTML & CSS Lightbox (no JavaScript)

Ok, I know this is slightly old, and I know there have been a few posts about it, but seriously, how can this have not completely revolutionized the way EVERYBODY does lightbox-style overlays???

The perfect combination of POSH and fairly-basic CSS is pretty mind-boggling… as much for how cool it is, as for how long it took this fairly-simple combination to come to “light”…

Get it? “light”? As in “lightbox”??

Okay, never mind that, but read the post, and start using this!!!!

Not only does the technique not require JavaScript, but, with the overlay content being in-page, there would be no accessibility issues, you get the added search-boost (but you can obviously move the overlays around in the mark-up to properly impact your SEO), and I have yet to find a browser in which this does not work…  Anyone?

All hail to JJenZz!!  (Also here, and here.)

Happy overlaying,

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