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As many of you already know, Windows 7 is ready to go on sale and Craig Buckler has written a nice wrap-up on Microsoft’s latest offering.  In releasing Win7, Microsoft may have finally invented a reason that could compel me to buy my first boxed version of Windows since… well, ever…  Apparently the Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise versions of Windows 7 will allow users to “run true versions of IE6, IE7 and IE8 on the same desktop at the same time”…  OMFG!!!!!  Thanks to SitePoint for the tip!

Pretty funny YouTube clip regarding web searching…  BTW, it is NOT true, I tried…  Interestingly, “” does NOT come up first when you Google “google” in Google…  Somebody should really give them some help with their SEO

The good folks at Deep Blue Sky, makers of, and touters of the Modernizr JS library, have used Modernizr to create a very tidy HTML5 and CSS3 support checklist for today’s browsers. It’s really very handy, somewhat encouraging, then really quite disparaging when you get… to… the bottom… (guess who’s down there… with one lowly check mark…)

Ok, want to see some really amazing CSS sh… stuff? Check out this CSS3 demo, but, do so in the latest version of Safari, it is pretty mind-bending (be sure to scroll down for all the examples)…

And check out this Personas tool from MIT. It is more interesting to watch it work than to see the end results, which could be at least a little interactive… I mean, this is on the web, guys… Thanks to Samir for the referral.

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