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WordPress Plugin: Add URL Slugs to <body> Class

Funny, I had built this some time back for my own personal use, thought it could be useful to others, planned on pushing it to the WordPress Repository, then apparently never got around to it… Anyhow, another quick and simple … Continue reading

WordPress Plugin: Add Custom Post Type Slugs to Admin <body> Class

2015-03-14 UPDATE: Slight update, available in the WordPress repo and on GitHub, check the README.txt for details. 2013-03-18 UPDATE: Now available on GitHub: 2012-02-25 UPDATE: Now available via the WordPress Repository: If you work with a lot of … Continue reading

Responsive Design: Progressive Enhancement, Part Deux!

Okay, I know the term du jour is Responsive Design, but just think of it as progressive enhancement. The term (and philosophy) progressive enhancement replaced graceful degradation back in 2003, but back then it was mostly pertaining to CSS and … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

SpriteRight seems like a good technology, taking in either a batch of images from Finder (yeah, Mac-only, it seems) or importing images from an existing stylesheet (nice touch!), but I have always found these types of tools to do a … Continue reading