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I created many things out of cardboard when I was a child; it never occurred to me to build a bicycle

I don’t host my own site, so I can’t play with mod_pagespeed myself, and I do not know nearly enough about servers to come even close to wanting to do this on my localhost server, but the progress they’re making intrigues me and makes me want to share it!

Boy, the cartoon characters of my youth could have sure used this!

The article I have been waiting for my entire web development career…

CSS Selector Listeners took me far longer to “get” than it should have… I really love the idea, and think I will come to love it even more once I’ve had a chance for the full potential to really sink-in… (And if you’re playing with the demo, be sure to have your Console open, or it is a little less than impressive…)

And to help get the most out of your CSS Selectors, here is a nice little CSS Selector Review from SitePoint & the Brady Bunch. Yup, Mike, Carol, Alice and the gang are here to help you with CSS! (But, seriously, SitePoint, Flash-only video? Aren’t we supposed to be hi-tech around here??)

Tired of running out of battery power? Feeling like your kung-fu grip is not what it once was? Well, the solution for both, is here… I seriously love this. And Christmas is coming…

Keeping the CSS thread going, an extremely thorough run-down of everything pseudo-element.

Okay, just one more CSS item, Circle Hover Effects… Fun.

As soon as they built this, I will come. Seriously, how great would this be??? Especially that leg to Volcanoes National Park! Coming to see ya, ma!!

A short collection of amazing HTML, CSS and JS code samples doing incredible little jobs. Fun stuff to read through, next time I have a few days free… :-)

Assuming you are a proper geek, I can think of no more thorough way to ensure you instantly sleep once your head hits the pillow… Again, Christmas, really near… Just saying…

Okay, so now 3D printers are being used to make mountains out of mole hills? Literally.

And finally, if for no other reason, this is why we should be in space

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