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One-Div: 64 icons, each using nothing but CSS and one <div>

My first computer had no hard-drive, just two 5.25″ floppy drives, one for the OS and one for applications and storing files. My first hard-drive was 1MB and was the size of a shoe box. A 1TB USB drive is just nuts…

And on that note, how about a 800 MHz, 1080p Video Decode Engine, OpenGL|ES 2.0 graphic engine, etc., all inside a 2″-x-2″ box, for just $130…

Time Warp is simply bad-ass… First, the idea to do this, then the implementation… Be sure to try the various options in the <select> at the bottom… (Only change I’d recommend is toggling the video animation with pageVisibility.)

We all try to keep up with the latest-and-greatest from the fast-moving world of CSS, but it is inevitable that something will be missed. So, thanks to Impressive Webs for listing out all the Differences Between CSS2.1 and CSS3+!

And speaking of CSS3, a nice little animation code reduction/optimization from Lea Verou!

Highlights from the WebAIM screen reader survey. Thanks for the CliffsNotes, Bruce!

Some day I would really, really, really love to work some place that understands the value of employees thinking about things outside of their immediate job scope, like Google does…

Slide decks from three recent Chris Coyier presentations. Always good stuff there…

3D printing just continues to blow my mind, and with a new form of plastics that can also handle electronic circuitry, $h!t is about to get crazy…

I went looking for interesting links, but found them all interesting, so rather than reproduce each one here, here is a link to some other links, about performance, etc... :-)

Speaking of performance, Joshua Bixby of Strangeloop is always worth listening to, especially when he promises to double the speed of your web apps!

Let’s keep it going with one more performance item! How about an introduction to the Resource Timing API?

Last one, promise (for now), an interesting read on what is thought to be one of the better and easier parts of performance enhancement, CDNs, and how they might be intentionally hurting your site’s performance!

I love to hear how others do things because I’m always looking for ways to do things better myself, so this article on how to start a large project was quite enjoyable.

And speaking of, although the Boston Globe RWD launch is ancient history now, it is still fun to hear people talk about how they do what we do.

I’ve been working in an Agile environment since starting at Netbiscuits. I was loosely familiar with the process prior, and have been scrambling to learn all the terms, philosophies and practices since. This is a great run-down on the entire Agile world.

A nice run-down on CSS Transitions.

And speaking of transitions, here’s why we should do it right

A cool IDE based entirely on HTML, CSS, and JS. I like that.

A nice, quick, simple WordPress security tip!

A great collection of web developer presentations.  Live it up!!

And finally, glad to see Morgan Freeman has a good sense of humor about himself…. ¬†:-)

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