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I swear, each Chris Coyier article that I read makes me love what he does, and how he does it, even more! And this article about his presentation from the In Control conference in Hawaii does nothing to change that! What a fantastic lesson on start-to-finish web developing, exactly how it should all be done, and why. Nice, Chris, thanks!

CreativeJS is full of great, boundary-pushing techie ideas. This one is simply gorgeous… And could it possibly be a coincidence that Elton John’s Rocket Man came on just as I opened it??

I can totally see the incredible strength and power of Grid Layout, but my head started to hurt about 1/3 of the way into the article…

Fantastic Interactive Guide to Blog Typography. Hmm, could probably learn a few things here…

Hey Germany, with your pitch-black autobahn and barely-visible lane markers, have a look at what your neighbor is working on… Yes, please!

All of our worst client-quotes, beautifully crafted into poster-like form… My personal favorite client-quote was when one asked “can you make the logo bluer?”… To which I replied, “No.”

The web creative process, as a poster

Long Press seems like a very convenient feature to provide your users with “those darned funny-looking letters”. As a usability note, I found it tricky get the character I wanted after I held to make the overlay appear, but with a little practice, I finally got my à

I have never been into chess, much to my eldest-brother’s chagrin, but the 3D Hartwig chess set is impressive from every angle…

I personally find browser vendor stylesheets to be f*&#ing annoying (I am a professional web developer, and therefore I happen to know CSS myself, and I just happen to know what I want my sites to look, so keep your grabby-a$$ browser-vendor-fingers off of my HTML elements!), so I found this article about -webkit-font-smoothing and such very interesting.

I don’t know that these CSS features would make me any more likely to buy a book, but it’s pretty cool CSS nonetheless!

Okay, Form Follows Function is just fun to play with, never mind how fantastic all the tech is!

And finally, I have never been a gamer, but the closest I ever came was a few-month-period where I pushed a LOT of quarters into any Pac-Man machine I could find. Thusly, I found Not Pac-Man to be quite entertaining…

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