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Let’s start this issue off correctly, with a tour of the ISS! I think if I’m going to live in zero-gravity, I’d cut my hair first… ;-)

And soon you’ll be able to enjoy the view from up there, in HD, 24×7

Got that new site all finished? Did you remember everything?? Are you sure???

Are you geeky? Are you über-geeky?? Are you sure???

Great list of performance-related stuff! To-Do: Read, then re-read…

Um, did this guy just solve the air-pollution problem???

Let’s face it, no one is really building sites that are Retina-ready, right? Well, maybe we can actually start doing so

Ever wondered what exactly goes into a 3D printer, in order to print 3D things? Well, mostly plastic. And now you can recycle your own!

San Antonio Launching First Bookless Public Library. So, I need to go somewhere… to look at stuff on… someone else’s tablet?

Hate multiplication? Me too. Maybe we should have learned it in Japan

It appears that Scotty will finally be able to talk to that computer once the Web Speech API gets proper support!

We all know minifying and combining external CSS and JS files is smart, but it’s always nice to have numbers to support this belief, in case you have to convince “someone”…

An amazing intro to HTML, CSS, and JS. I can’t imagine many people reading this blog that need it, but wanted to give props where props are due…

You’ve likely seen a lot of these, but it is nice to have them all collected in a single best of 2012-type list.

There are a lot of pros and cons involved with using prefetch and prerender, but for a few client sites that pop to mind, especially on mobile devices, I think it could be a big win!

A question I often hear regarding implementing anything new is “But how do I convince [annoying-supervisor-type-person] to let me do this?” Well, if [super-cool-new-feature] is in my control (like progressive coding, etc.), then I simply do it; “if it doesn’t hurt, why would anyone mind?”. But when you need additional buy-in, like cross-departmental or financial, it can get a little trickier. Steve Souders give some great advice on how to convince others of the importance of performance.

Got New Year’s Resolutions? Want help sticking to them? Whether you’re trying to eat better, exercise more, avoid your own fiscal cliff, or acquire a new skill, Uncle Google is here to help

A great overlay feature using clip and surprisingly little JS. I was also quite surprised to see that clip has such good browser-support!

So, we all love Regular Expressions, right? I know I do (NOT)! And while writing them are often where the real pain lies, trying to decipher someone else’s is no picnic either! Until Regexer, that is.

MAN could I have used the Seagate Wireless Plus on my recent 11.5 hour flight… But even now, it seems like a terrific little device!

Does anyone else still subscribe to email newsletters? Well, if you do, you might find a couple new gems here, as I did…

A map showing a black dot for all 341,817,095 respondents to the 2010 (U.S.) and 2011 (Canada) censuses. Can you find yourself??

And finally, the good news is that volunteers are being considered for the colonization of Mars! The best news is that you’re gonna be cranky when you get there

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