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When I first heard about Firefox OS, I remember thinking “Great, just what we need in mobile, is another variable…” I, also, however, said something very similar when Google Chrome was first announced. And that seems to have gone pretty well. And after reading this description and video from Christian Heilmann really peaked my interest for Firefox OS, especially how you can “easily turn a current mobile-optimised web site into an app and get much better hardware access support with a few lines of JavaScript and a manifest file”!

A little fun, and educational, watching

Ever had to deal with really long titles inside of a tabbed menu? Neither have I, but if I ever do, an animated-ellipsis-overflow would be a pretty slick way to deal with it!

Kudos, Marvel Comics, damned cool of you!

Another intro to Command Line, for anyone (like me) that could use it.

HIV-positive infant completely cured for first time. I think that headline says it all!

Learn CSS Layout. Maybe a little basic for anyone reading this, but I tend to always find something I either never picked-up or never came across, regardless of how basic a tutorial is.

And on that note, Essential HTML, CSS and JavaScript techniques is a hodge-podge of basic and cutting-edge techniques, well-worth a quite scan to find something new.

For anyone with the time to listen, surely a ton to learn from the Responsive Day Out audio recordings!

Microsoft is taking a major step in device interaction!

And I’m not trying to make that look silly, but, yeah

The Ultimate Helmet… Period. Nay, Exclamation Point!!

But I’m not sure why they need that Bluetooth controller, when they could just plug it straight into your brain… Yikes!

And when you need to recharge that rechargable battery, just bust-out your ReadySet Solar Kit, which charges using solar, wind, pedal, or hydropower…

Yet another fantastic walk-through on building a modern-day website, but starting with “talking” and “planning”, not just diving into coding. This is way it should be done, folks…

Nice, simple, modern, responsive example of a fixed-position, vertical menu. Even making use of font-icons!

And it’s cousin, the horizontal menu

And speaking of menus, I never thought I’d find anything (other than products) that I admired about the Amazon website, but this new drop-down technique is just plain sweet…

The DOM4 Polyfill brings new DOM4 methods to nearly any browser.

Scriptless Slides is just that, navigating through the slides using the newly-hyped checkbox-to-affect-CSS pattern.

The ES6 Rest Parameter looks promising, when it’s eventually usable in production, but the jewel that caught my eye was using something like this:
var items = [], 1);
to be able to loop through an object, instead of having to use a for loop.

Nettuts has compiled a Recommended Resources list. Gonna need to crawl through that…

In our world of mobile, digital devices, it is easy to forget that people do still click Print icons. So, let’s all take a refresher course on the long-forgot print.css

With all the recent hype about Facebook’s new News Feed design, their adding support for SPDY was all-but dismissed.

Terrific run-down of debugging alternatives, from console panels to Fiddler and beyond.

And finally, how does your commute time stack-up?

Happy reading,

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