WordPress Plugin: Enhanced Admin Links in Multisite ‘My Sites’ Drop-Downs

Another WordPress plug-in that started with me finding something to be annoying, finding a way to fix it, then figuring if it made my life a little better, someone else might appreciate it too…

Currently, in a multisite installation, when in Admin mode, in order get to the ‘Themes’ or ‘Settings’ page for either the ‘Network’ or another site, you have to click ‘My Sites’, ‘Network Admin’ (or the site), then ‘Dashboard’, before you can finally click the admin link you really wanted. Never understood why those drop-downs were so limited.

This plug-in adds four admin links, ‘Themes’, ‘Plugins’, ‘Settings’ and ‘Tools’, to the ‘Network Admin’ and individual Site drop-downs, making jumping between multisite options a lot easier…

Please let me know if you have any questions/suggestions/thoughts.

Downloadable now from the WordPress Repository:

Happy WordPressing,

One Response to WordPress Plugin: Enhanced Admin Links in Multisite ‘My Sites’ Drop-Downs

  1. aarontgrogg says:

    A series of updates pushed to the WP Repo, basically finally figured out how screenshots are supposed to work, and resolved a few inconsistent naming conventions.


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