Today’s Readings

Not exactly a believable orbital trajectory, but the maths behind this circular CSS3 animation is provocative none-the-less.

A great slideshow from Addy Osmani regarding why and how to achieve the perfect frame rate in your animations.

In case you don’t already have all your print CSS in order from HTML5 Boilerplate, here are a bunch of nice tidbits. (I especially like adding the QR Code via generated-content!)

Clever way to add a spolier-prevention mask to images or text. Or, at least it will be soon

Learn Layout seems like a good CSS primer, even has a nice TOC to help you find just what you want.

Interesting look and description of the upcoming NY Times redesign. Like what I see!

Get to know touch, mouse, and pointer events, just a little better, you’ll be glad you did…

Centering a horizontal nav. Yes, it’s annoying. Now make it responsive… Turns out it isn’t as hard as we all thought. Or, at least it will be soon… I know support isn’t great yet (the article says only Chrome and Firefox), but the value doesn’t appear to be in yet. The closest I could find was this, and judging by the version numbers in the chart, it doesn’t get updated all that often…

I just finished talking about Hint.css, and now here comes :focus tooltip. Like `em both!

A nice run-down from Bruce Lawson on what’s coming over the CSS horizon.

And a nice run-down from PPK on What’s currently going on with font-sizes

A slick but smooth UI from SkyBox. Before to check-out the various :hover states and slide transitions.

Love these CSS-only iOS-style switches from Lea Verou

And finally, you know you do it, and I know you do it, cause I do it to: suddenly you have to type some “odd” character, maybe it’s an ñ or an é or maybe an ü, and after heaving a big exhale, you start Googling how the heck to type that… Well, Quotes and Accents is here to save the day… You’re welcome.

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