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If you’ve been following all the hype and hub-bub around WebRTC lately, it seems like it is coming of age very quickly! Now how about adding data channels for possible file transfer or screen sharing, or why not videoing in 3D? Wait, what?? Yup.

7.04 seconds to load an e-commerce site??? Makes me glad I wasn’t the only one having such load times, but these guys actually have money to fix the problem…

Hate cleaning windows? Then let WinBot do it for you! It’s like a Roomba, but for your windows. Too bad they didn’t call it Winba…

A dynamic TOC for webpages. Like.

A nice threepartseries about developing a responsive, Retina-friendly site. The titles of parts 2 and 3 seem a little off to me, but just go with it…

Wow, Capturing sounds like exactly what is needed for the ideal bridge between having a single code base and a truly device-responsive site! Very interesting…

Chris Coyier demonstrates a cool tablet feature, then explains how to replicate it using CSS and JS.

For you fellow cyclists (or those that love them), comes the Bike Spike. It’s like “LoJack and OnStar for your bike”. Win!

How much of a pain in the ass is trying to vertically-center text? Of course there are several hacky ways to try to make it work, but Lea Verou finds a super-cool way, using SVG!

And speaking of super-cool, Roman Rudenko talks about the brilliance and benefits of using rem to size page components and more!

Print CSS is rarely on anyone’s must have checklist, but if it ever is, this article from Hans Christian seems to cover all the bases!

HTML pseudo-elements are a great way to add presentational components to your page without adding extraneous mark-up, but if you’ve ever had to debug someone else’s work (or your own after, say, a couple days), they can be a bear to track down. But Nicolas Gallagher (by way of Louis Lazaris) has a great suggestion for making pseudo-elements easy to trace.

Alex Sexton has collected several great tips/suggestions regarding building maintainable, performant JS applications.

Jonathan Snook says Your CSS is a Mess. Watch the vid, you just might agree. (Skip to about 6:30 to get to the meat & potatoes.)

Draggabilly makes drag-and-drop really easy, even on touch devices!

Ever notice how the IE Developer Tools only reflects the DOM as it was written, on page load? Meaning, no dynamic content or CSS changes? Well, turns out the little refresh button (the one in the Developer Tools, not the browser) will refresh the Developer Tools panels without refreshing the page. Nice!

Some seriously impressive CSS patterns! Tartan, baby!!

Amazing stat, and awesome technique: All browsers that support SVG background images also supports multiple background images

Hmm… vertical @media queries… Yeah, that makes sense!

And finally, we have a good excuse to drink a soda (or a reason to suffer through canned beer): so you can boost your wifi signal when you’re done!

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