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Pasquale D’Silva suggests some really slick techniques for helping users understand where they are, and what the heck is happening.

Hyperlapse certainly got a lot of press since arriving on the scene, and deservedly so, what a way to discover new places, or trip through old ones!

And speaking of maps (sort of), from A List Apart comes a great reminder that maps are a powerful, hackable tool just waiting for us to make cool stuff from! Not that far off from the Clearleft Hack Farm project, Map Tales.

Always fun to be reminded of just how quirky our beloved JavaScript is

And to help keep your place amongst all that quirkiness, is scope-context source coloring. Me like!

I believe YouTube started offering video deep-links some time ago, and I thought it was brilliant then, something we totally needed. Glad that we now have it, anywhere we want it, audio or video

And speaking of video, do you hate when you open a page and sound just starts cranking from it? I know I do, especially when I occasionally open several tabs at once, so I can easily switch-and-read. Well here’s a cheatsheet for disabling autoplay for plugins. Love!

Seems like everyone has been raving about since it hit the scene, and with good reason: clean, simple UI; slick, beautiful animation; and bottom line, really useful information. Nice job!

What a terrific idea Escape Flight is, cannot wait for it to reach other cities of origin!

Pretty cool, and thorough, walk-through of creating a Tetris game using CSS Grid Layout. The tutorial uses Visual Studio and Expression Blend 5, but in the end, all you have is HTML, CSS & JS, so you shouldn’t really need them.

iframes are always a pain for one reason or another, but Nicholas Zakas reminds us about document.referrer and shows how to get around one issue: getting a cross-domain parent-page URL. Nice tip.

Beyond being a pretty cool-looking feature coming to Facebook, this article about how Chat Heads came to be is inspiring to read, to see how developers with a good idea can inspire and make a difference in company progress.

Wow, it looks like it will take a little getting used to, but the Leap Motion gesture-controller looks awesome!

3D printing has come-on like gang-busters, and here’s a list of a few impressive scientific uses. I would add a 3D printed face and 3D printed skull to that list…

HTML forms. Two words that can cause an immediate cringe in any web designer or developer. Hopefully these pseudo-element styles will make life a little easier…

Honey, I think we should move. And I found the perfect place. Um, pack a few lunches, though…

Always fun to poke fun at (hopefully) former clients and their silly requests. My personal favorite is still when I was asked if I could “make the blue bluer”…

Great-looking responsive, touch-friendly drop-down nav. There are nay-sayers in the comments, of course, but the functionality is great to me; YOMV.

Man, flexbox sure has turned into a pain-in-the-ass to implement, hasn’t it? But at least it’s (nearly) here, and Chris Mills has a thorough demonstration.

And finally, there are about 7 billion people on our little planet right now. Ever wondered how many people that really is? Find out… Be sure to check-out the links across the top too, for more mind-numbing information.

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