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Okay, the circular form is nowhere close to being intuitive, and you could argue whether or not it is practical, but it sure as hell is a lot more fun than standard forms!

If you’re ever in need of a dev JSON file, the JSON Generator is your new best friend!

A solar plug that connects right to your window. Brilliant!

A nice collection of WordPress testing tips and tricks to help with your, you know, WordPress testing…

I think this guy has been partaking in his own product… But will be interesting to see where he goes with it!

Not only perfect, pure-CSS copies of famous logos (hover over the one on the right to see them onion-skinned), but also lessons in how it can be done (hover over the one on the left to see the shapes used to create it!). Brilliant.

Ha! I never understood the attraction to those Russian Dolls, until I saw this demo… (Be sure to resize your browser window.)

brings another batch of workflow ideas, showing how cool tools can make your workflow much smoother & easier. Man, I have a lot to catch up with…

In a recent SitePoint article, there was great debate over the author’s suggestion that, if done correctly, a responsive website should not need a “see full version” link. A point I could agree with, again, if the site is done correctly. That author, , now offers 7 tips to make sure your users always get what they need, wherever they are.

Check-out the latest portable Mac, replete with a Motorola 68030 16Mhz processor, 1MB of RAM, weighing only 13 pounds, and starting for only $11,935.96! Sweet Deal, brah!

There are a couple of reasons that I can’t fully get behind the 100% electric vehicle:

  1. Electricity is still fossil-based,
  2. your range is limited to a single charge, and
  3. recharging takes forever.

So, while the first two still remain true, a new bus being tested in Switzerland recharges in as little as 15 seconds! Okay, that’s a LOT faster than I can refill a tank of gas…

Not trying to be preachy, by any means, but designy-peeps might find this interesting. Would also be interested in seeing an article going in the opposite direction!

And speaking of design, this is a really nice intro and walk-through for building vector-based images, moving quite nicely from sketching to shapes, but then allows you to also move quite nicely into something like SVG.

While I imagine we would all like to think our web creations are so incredibly intuitive that no one would ever possibly require any form of instruction, reality is often quite different. Tourist.js makes it easy to add “a guided tour” through your creation, offering instruction and requiring user interaction, even blocking options once a choice has been made.

Via , from the “someday soon” files: 5 HTML5 JavaScript APIs to keep an eye on

The only thing that I can think of that would make ‘s Kosmos better would be a full-screen toggle and the addition of keyboard listeners, so I don’t have to interrupt my navigation of the universe with mouse clicks… Wow.

Nice, little JS library to create a responsive, tabbed/accordion navigation.

Need a new place to find the latest & greatest about CSS? And want to see one of the shortest URLs you’ve ever seen? K:

Cute lorem ipsum generator, though I can’t imagine why the four celebrity images are not clickable themselves… :-)

And finally, pretty cool to see the progress of genius… But cooler (and sad), scroll down to the Marvel comic book covers, I used to actually have (at least) those two issues… Wonder what they’d be worth today…

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